Who was Lisa Dean?

Who was Lisa Dean?

Lisa Dean Ryan (born April 30, 1972) is an American actress. She played Wanda Plenn, the girlfriend of the eponymous character in the series Doogie Howser, M.D., appearing in the series from 1989 to 1992….

Lisa Dean Ryan
Occupation Actress
Years active 1985–2005

Who is Dean Ryan?

Dean Ryan (born 22 June 1966) is an English rugby union coach and former player. A former corporal in the Corp of Royal Engineers, he played for England as a Number 8.

What happened to Wanda on Doogie Howser?

Lisa Dean Ryan had the role of Wanda Plenn, Doogie’s girlfriend who ended up pursuing an art degree that split her up from the young doctor. Though she left Doogie Howser in the second season (coming back for a couple guest spots in season 3), Ryan continued acting up until her retirement from the screen in 2005.

Who is Lisa Dean Moseley?

Lisa Dean Moseley, the du Pont heiress known as much for being part of the state’s premier family as she was for making headlines in questionable transactions, died last week. She was 87. Services, which have not occurred since her April 25 death, will be private.

Does Dean ever get back with Lisa?

At this time, Dean is thinking of returning to hunting and Lisa is disappointed with this decision. After defeating the Djinn, Dean decides to go back and get Lisa and Ben. He decides to stay with them to protect them.

Where is Lisa DuPont?

Scandalous DuPont heiress Lisa Moseley has died aged 87, nearly 18 years after her husband paid for the murder of her younger son’s drug-addled prostitute girlfriend. Mrs Moseley, who had homes in New York and Wilmington, Delaware, died on April 25.

How did the DuPont family get rich?

du Pont Family, French-descended American family whose fortune was founded on explosive powders and textiles and who diversified later into other areas of manufacturing. Pierre-Samuel du Pont (q.v.), born in Paris, was one of the main writers of the physiocratic school of economics.

Which child is biologically Neil Patrick Harris?

Their doctor fertilized two eggs, one with David’s sperm and the other with Neil’s, and implanted them both into their surrogate. Amazingly, both eggs successfully implanted, so one of the twins is biologically Neil’s and the other is biologically David’s.