What city is Smith Lake in Alabama?

What city is Smith Lake in Alabama?

Smith Lake is a huge reservoir located on the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River, about 20 miles north-west of Birmingham. Towns on the lake include Bremen, Crane Hill and Dodge City in Cullman County; Curry and Jasper in Walker County; and Addison, Arley, Houston, and Double Springs in Winston County.

How big is Smith Lake Alabama?

32.81 mi²Lewis Smith Lake / Area

Are there alligators in Smith Lake in Alabama?

Butler explained that alligators are very unlikely to find their way into Smith Lake by natural means, and that no alligators have been placed in the lake area by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Can you swim in Smith Lake Alabama?

Is it safe to swim in Smith Lake? The ADEM says yes – The Cullman Tribune.

What is the clearest lake in Alabama?

The Clearest Lake In Alabama Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real

  • Lewis Smith Lake, which is best known as Smith Lake, is located on the Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior River in Cullman, Winston, and Walker counties.
  • Covering nearly 22,000 acres, Smith Lake is hailed as the Southeast’s most beautiful lake.

Does Smith Lake Alabama have alligators?

Where are most alligators in Alabama?

Distribution of the American alligator in Alabama is typically limited to the southern half of the state, mostly due to habitat and temperature requirements. Higher densities of alligators occur in wetland habitats such as coastal marshes, natural lakes, riverine wetlands and some reservoirs.

Are there Mooses in Alabama?

Alabama has a long list of banned species: the mongoose, jackrabbit, moose, deer, elk, fox, walking catfish, piranha, raccoons from outside of the state, wild rabbits or hare, coyote, skunk, and wild turkey, among others.

What animal kills the most humans in Alabama?

Bees and wasps, 84 deaths. Dog attacks, 36 deaths. Spiders, scorpions and other bugs, 33 deaths. Snakes, 12 deaths.

Where is Smith Lake in Alabama?

Though tucked away in the Alabama woods, Smith Lake is only minutes from nearby Interstate 65. Covering 21,000 acres, three-fingered Smith Lake has more than 500 miles of shoreline in Cullman, Walker and Winston counties of north Alabama.

How many lake homes are for sale at Lewis Smith Lake?

Normally there are about 300 lake homes for sale at Lewis Smith Lake, and 620 listings for lots and land. Lewis Smith Lake is a mid-sized Alabama lake, and has 500 miles of shoreline.

What is Lewis Smith Lake known for?

Also known for its fishing, the lake produces some of the largest bass fish in the state. Smith Lake holds the record for the largest spotted bass ever caught in Alabama. Lewis Smith Lake welcomes all watercraft types and has no speed limit, besides in no-wake areas. This allows for watersports of all kinds.