Where is the tunnel snake rule?

Where is the tunnel snake rule?

Walkthrough. Listen to the faint radio signal to be directed to the Fens Way station. Navigate the area to a door to the subway maintenance access. Enter through a Novice locked door, and through one of two arched doors in the wall to find what appears to be an abandoned camp.

What vault are the tunnel snakes?

Vault 101
The Tunnel Snakes are the gang of greasers in Vault 101, from 2268—2277.

Where did tunnel snakes get their jackets?

Once the roaches are dead, Butch will reward the player character with his outfit. Instead of helping him, one can just kill Butch (or allow him to be killed by radroaches) and then loot his jacket.

Can you get Butch as a follower in Fallout 3?

He can be recruited as a companion by the Lone Wanderer, but requires them to have neutral Karma in order to do so. Once hired, Butch will remain a follower, even if the Lone Wanderer’s Karma goes below or above neutral.

How do you get Butch in Fallout 3?

Butch is one of the two neutral followers in Fallout 3. Following the resolution of the crisis, Butch can be found in the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City.

Can you leave the vault with Amata?

Attacking Amata enough to make her hostile, but not kill her, she will chase the Lone Wanderer nearly out of the vault. Rendering Amata unconscious and dragging her body out of Vault 101, the vault door will still close, but Amata will walk to the door and disappear after a few seconds.

What would a tunnel rat do?

Usually armed only with a pistol or a knife and a flashlight. The tunnel rat would descend into a pitch black, claustrophobic, dank hell, to play a deadly game of hide and seek with the enemy. Carefully probing the floor, sides and roofs of the tunnels became second nature to the tunnel rat as he gently inched and probed his way along.

What happened to the Tunnel Rats in Vietnam?

In the years since the Vietnam War ended, tunnel rats have suffered from a high percentage of Agent Orange injuries and diseases due to soldiers’ exposure to the chemicals on the ground, or that leached from topsoil into the tunnel environment. While in the tunnels, soldiers were breathing air heavily saturated with Agent Orange .

What kind of soldiers were Tunnel Rats?

Tom Mangold and John Penycate, authors of one of the definitive accounts of tunnel warfare in the Vietnam War, reported that U.S. tunnel rats were almost exclusively white or Hispanic soldiers, many of whom were Puerto Rican or Mexican American.

Do Tunnel Rats wear gas masks?

A tunnel rat might therefore choose to enter the tunnels wearing a gas mask (donning one within was frequently impossible in such a confined space). According to U.S. tunnel rat veterans, however, most tunnel rats usually went without gas masks because wearing one made it even harder to see, hear, and breathe in the narrow dark passages.