What was the best season of Empire?

What was the best season of Empire?

Gray is the best. Season One found Cookie starting Lyon Dynasty and later seasons detailed new incarnations of the business. Which Empire season is the best?…Empire – Season 4

  • Lucious’s memory begins to return.
  • Andre is admitted to the hospital.
  • Lucious and Cookie reaffirm their commitments.

What episode was Patti LaBelle on Empire?

“Empire” Who I Am (TV Episode 2015) – Patti LaBelle as Patti LaBelle – IMDb.

Who played the detective in Empire?

Damon Gupton is an American actor and conductor. He appears as Detective Calvin Walker in the FOX television series, Empire.

Was Pamela real on Empire?

You know the new love of Andre’s life, Detective Pamela Rose? Turns out she isn’t real! Her entire being was a figment of his imagination, presumably caused by the medication his doctor has been serving him. Arguably the biggest shock of the entire season, I found it to also be really bizarre.

Who is the main character in Empire?

Lucious LyonTerrence HowardCookie LyonTaraji P. HensonHakeem LyonBryshere Y. GrayJamal LyonJussie SmollettAndre LyonTrai ByersAnika CalhounGrace Byers

What happens to Elle on Empire?

Vernon finds out about the murder and the alibi, and Andre, too, finds out that Lucious killed Bunkie. Vernon pays someone to take the blame for the murder with a false confession to the police. Elle Dallas is a long-time artist of Empire but has lost success recently and has let herself go.

What happens to Diana DuBois on Empire?

The Lyons went to great lengths to take down Diana DuBois in the ‘Empire’ fall finale. One character lost their life and someone you thought was gone returned with a vengeance!

Who is the best character in Empire?

Empire: The 10 Best Characters In The Show, Ranked

  • 8 Thirsty Rawlings.
  • 7 Andre Lyon.
  • 6 Tiana Brown.
  • 5 Hakeem Lyon.
  • 4 Becky Williams.
  • 3 Jamal Lyon.
  • 2 Lucious Lyon.
  • 1 Cookie Lyon.

Is Lucious Lyon a sociopath?

Lucious is a borderline psychopath, who can only see reason when things are going his way. He uses his ALS diagnosis as way to pit his sons against one another. He alienates his eldest son Andre, who is the only son qualified to run the company.

Does Cookie find out Anika drugged Elle?

These past few episodes have shown us that the woman does have a sympathetic side, being there for her man in his time for need. It’s like drugging Ellie was the writers’ way of making sure we didn’t think Cookie was wrong for going to bed with Lucious, even though Cookie still doesn’t know about Anika drugging Elle.

What episode do Cookie and Lucious sleep together?

Our Dancing Days
At the end of Wednesday night’s episode “Our Dancing Days,” Lucious finally revealed to his family that he had ALS, and while comforting Cookie with the news, the two finally gave into their still strong feelings. Yup, Lucious and Cookie slept together.