What is the purpose of basic lining in LD converter?

What is the purpose of basic lining in LD converter?

During the production of steel in the LD converter the refractory lining is exposed to high temperature emulsion of steel, slag and gas. It protects the steel body of the vessel to come in contact with the molten steel.

Why is scrap added in BOF steelmaking?

Thermal balance of basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steelmaking is controlled primarily by the scrap added as coolant. In the present steel scenario, insufficient availability and high cost of prime scrap has led us to explore the possibilities to use alternative coolants.

Which material is used for refractory lining in a furnace?

Refractory materials The oxides of aluminium (alumina), silicon (silica) and magnesium (magnesia) are the most important materials used in the manufacturing of refractories.

Can DRI be used in BOF?

HBI is the form of DRI best suited for use in the BOF because of its bulk density and physical strength. It is an alternative to coolant scrap because: Residuals levels are lower.

Can LD converter produce stainless steel?

This means that in old times stainless steel production could not be done in a converter but electric furnace was used to melt stainless and carbon steel scrap. Then the melt could be decarburized by oxygen blow below 0.08%C at Cr level typically 10–14%.

Why is refractory lining necessary?

The refractory lining is a protective layer in industrial furnaces, playing a role in high temperature resistance and protecting the structure from thermal shock, wear and erosion. The refractory lining of the furnace is usually made of refractory brick masonry.

What is steel slag used for?

The use of steel slag as an aggregate is considered a standard practice in many jurisdictions, with applications that include its use in granular base, embankments, engineered fill, highway shoulders, and hot mix asphalt pavement.

What is LD converter?

The LD converter, named after the Austrian towns Linz and Donawitz (a district of Leoben) is a refined version of the Bessemer converter where blowing of air is replaced with blowing oxygen. It reduced capital cost of the plants, time of smelting, and increased labor productivity.

What materials are used in the lining of the converter?

L.D converter has a basic lining of magnesite bricks (permanent lining) and Dolomite bricks (working lining). Oxygen lance (8-10m & 20-25cm dia) is made of concentric steel tubes and the tip of the lance is made with Copper.

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