What is the Air Force feedback form?

What is the Air Force feedback form?

Purpose. Performance feedback is a private counseling session between the supervisor and the ratee during which the supervisor explains what is expected regarding duty performance and how well the ratee is meeting those expectations.

What is an AF Form 724?

The AF Form 724-A is designed to guide raters and facilitate discussion when providing constructive feedback to their ratees. The addendum should be used in conjunction with the primary Airman Comprehensive Assessment, not in lieu of it.

What does ACA stand for Air Force?

ACA – Airspace Control Authority. ACC – Air Combat Command, also Area Control Center.

What makes a good Air Force leader?

The total commitment to the highest personal and professional standards. A leader must be honest and fair. Integrity means establishing a set of values and adhering to those values. Former Air Force Chief of Staff General Charles Gabriel said, “Integrity is the fundamental premise of military service in a free society.

What makes a good air force leader?

What is an AEF indicator?

The AEF Indicator is a letter and number combination assigned to military members aligning them with an AEF cycle, which is used to identify when Airmen deploy.

What is the Blue Book in the Air Force?

The Profession of Arms: Our Core Values, known as the “Blue Book,” was originally published in 1996 and provides guidance to Airmen at all levels on the service’s institutional values and guiding principles.

How many AEF tempo bands are there?

five tempo bands
Air Force officials have created five tempo bands: A through E. Tempo Band A reflects the original AEF cycle of a 1:4 dwell ration based on 120-day deployments. Bands B through E are based on 179-day deployments.

What is the Air Force performance feedback program?

The performance feedback program was originally designed as a formal communication between the rater and ratee to establish expectations regarding duty performance. However, as we continue to enhance our Airman’s capabilities additional areas were needed to encompass other aspects of an Airman’s life.

How do I get feedback as an an airman?

An Airman requires feedback to develop professionally and should receive it regularly through informal means in addition to the required formal ACA sessions. The ACA also serves as a method of motivation.

How do you conduct an ACA feedback session?

A formal feedback session should be held face-to-face. If impractical due to geographical separation or extended Temporary Duty, conduct the feedback session via telephone. The commander has the overall responsibility in ensuring his/her squadron has an effective ACA program.

What is the new form for the Air Force?

The AF Form 724 will replace the current version of the officer performance feedback, aligning it with the current officer performance report. “When you see the new feedback form hit the streets, that will be the first signal to our Air Force that the evolution of the enlisted evaluation system has begun,” Cody said.