What kind of source is The Huffington Post?

What kind of source is The Huffington Post?

HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post until 2017 and sometimes abbreviated HuffPo) is an American news aggregator and blog, with localized and international editions.

How does The Huffington Post make money?

Its revenue mainly comes through two sources — corporate clients in search of health and wellness tools, and sponsorships/online content. In January, HuffPost shuts down its platform of 100,000 unpaid bloggers. Instead, it launches two new sections — HuffPost Opinion and HuffPost Personal.

Why was The Huffington Post started?

The site, originally known as The Huffington Post, was created to provide a liberal counterpart to the Drudge Report, a conservative Web site founded by Matt Drudge. It is free to users and generates revenue from advertising.

Who is the CEO of Huffington Post?

Arianna Huffington
Born Ariadnē-Anna Stassinopoúlou July 15, 1950 Athens, Kingdom of Greece
Education Girton College, Cambridge (BA)
Known for Founder of The Huffington Post Founder and CEO of Thrive Global Author of 15 books
Political party Republican (before 2003) Independent (2003–2004) Democratic (2004–present)

Who created The Huffington Post?

Arianna HuffingtonKenneth LererJonah PerettiAndrew Breitbart
HuffPost/Created by

Do you get paid when someone visits your website?

Typical CPM rates (the amount an advertiser will pay you per thousand page views) might be around $5 or less, depending on the size of your site, your topic and your visitor’s demographics. That means if you’re trying to earn just $5,000 per month, you would need over 1 million page views.

How much money Google makes per second?

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, makes $615.96 per second. But how much money does Google have? Alphabet’s net income was $19.5 billion, but don’t let those smaller numbers fool you. Some estimate that they’re growing at about 17 to 20 percent per year, and the Google net worth is more than Apple’s.

How do you become a Huffington Post blogger?

  1. Have an appealing story.
  2. Find the appropriate section (and editor) to pitch to.
  3. Pitch the editor.
  4. Wait for a response.
  5. Deliver the content according to the parameters set by the editor.
  6. Get signed up for a Huffington Post blogger account.

Is Arianna Huffington still on the board of Uber?

Kalanick remains a board member. Newly public Uber lost two more board members after Benchmark partner Matt Cohler and Thrive Global founder Arianna Huffington said they resigned their director roles Wednesday.

Is the Huffington Post a reliable source?

Overall, the Huffington Post is a good site if you want some entertaining reads, but unless the writer is qualified to write about that subject, it’s not a credible source.

Is the Huffington Post a liberal news source?

Yes, but…. Huffington Post is a strongly liberal voice in the Internet space. It reports facts, sometimes facts that have not yet been reported by other media. But it does so from a liberal perspective.

Is the Huffington Post considered a news site?

Huffington Post is a blog site, not a news website. While it does aggregate news from other sources, its original content consists mainly of blogs.

Is the New York Times a credible source of news?

The Times has the kind of local news you won’t see in Huffington Post. Here is one exam It is credible but is usually a secondary source. It is a good place to find national headlines that might not be front page material in your chosen newspaper.