What is a rim seal fire?

What is a rim seal fire?

The Rim Seal Fire Protection System for Floating roof tank is a fully automatic fire detection cum extinguishing system. Specifically designed and manufactured for extremely fast detection and extinction of any type of Rim Seal fires as per the National & International Safety standards.

What is rim seal system?

Rim Seal fire protection system is designed to detect and extinguish fire in the Rim Seal area of the Floating Roof Tank at the incipient stage. The system is fully automated in operation and uses the latest state of the art technology based on Hollow Metallic Tube for early detection.

What is the melting temperature of rim seal detection tube due to fire?

Fire detection is carried out by a thermoplastic pneumatic tubing, containing nitrogen from the tank, or by one or two heat sensing cables. When, due to a fire, temperature reaches 105 °C, the tubing, or the cable, melts and foam discharge is triggered.

What is internal floating roof tank?

An internal floating roof tank has both a permanently affixed roof and a roof that floats inside the tank on the liquid surface (contact deck) or is supported on pontoons several inches above the liquid surface (noncontact deck). The internal floating roof rises and falls with the liquid level.

How rim seal fire protection system protects flammable storage tanks for fire explosion?

HOW DOES IT WORK? The thermosensitive automatic discharge nozzles are installed in the area above the rim seal. When a fire is detected by the glass bulb in the nozzle, the liquid CF3I gas is discharged in the fire area. The fire is extinguished within 5 seconds and an alarm is sent to the Fire Brigade.

How do you extinguish a fire in an oil tank?

Using extinguishing foam is the only effective solution for fighting fires. Extinguishing: For tackling oil or organic fuel fires (petrol, diesel, kerosene), extinguishing foam is the only effective solution. The fire protection concept is determined by the tank design and the liquids stored in it.

Which extinguishing media is used in teal fire?

TEAL is stored in double-hulled containers. Material has been taken from a container to a fire tray where self ignition took place. By applying PyroBubbles® the fire was extinguished within 3 seconds. Main extinguishing effect is smothering.

What is the purpose of pontoon in floating roof tank?

Floating roof tanks use “pontoons” to create a seal against the tank’s wall to help reduce evaporation and prevent the buildup of dangerous gases that often occur with flammable liquids.

What is semi fixed foam system?

Semi Fixed System: is an installation in which the hazard is equipped with fixed discharge outlets connected to piping that terminates at a safe distance. Foam Sprinkler System for Chemical Storage/Processing Areas and Critical Machines.

What is foam solution rate for rim seal area of FR tank?

The system shall be designed for a minimum foam application rate of 18 lpm /m2 of rim seal area.

Why is it called pontoon?

The word stems from the Latin pontonem, “flat-bottomed boat,” and its root pons, or “bridge.”

Rim Seal floating roof tank fires represent one of the most dangerous threats for chemical and petrochemical storage farms. Industry data base shows that the oil industry has experienced several rim seal fires worldwide and some of them have developed into very large disasters.

What extinguishing agents are available in the rim seal fire suppression systems?

The Rim Seal Fire Suppression Systems are available based on the following extinguishing agents: 1. Foam Based unit (FFFP or AFFF) 2. Gas Based unit (HFC 227 ea or CF3I) 1. Foam Based units can be configured with the following operational methods: 1. Deluge using a pneumatic linear heat detection system 2.

What is sa/FPS rim seal fire suppression system?

The system known as SA/Fps Automatic Rim Seal Fire Suppression System is a fire fighting package which integrates a fire detection provision which automatically activates the fire extinguishing agent. Rim Seal floating roof tank fires represent one of the most dangerous threats for chemical and petrochemical storage farms.

What are rim seal units?

The foam based rim seal units can be so designed to enter into the fire protection strategy of vapor containments creating an additional chemical seal on the radiated tanks in order to block the fuel vapors to exit the seal zone.