What does NP3 mean?

What does NP3 mean?

NP3 Meaning. 0. NP3. Neuro-Programmer 3. Neuro, Programmer, Software.

What is NP3 pipes?

Hume pipes are available in three grades NP2, NP3, and NP4. The major difference between NP2, NP3, and NP4 RCC pipes is the load-bearing quality and flow. NP 2 RCC pipes are used for low duty load, NP 3 RCC pipes are used for medium-duty load, and NP 4 RCC pipes are used for heavy-duty load.

What is NP in Hume pipe?

Non-Pressure RCC Hume Pipe is a premium product manufactured in different sizes varying by diameter and length of the individual piece. The NP4 heavy-duty, non-pressure pipes are one of a kind that can be used for irrigation, drainage and for cross drains with heavy culvert traffic frequency.

What does Hume pipe mean?

A hume pipe is a concrete tube with reinforced bar. It was invented by the Hume brothers in Australia in 1910. A hume pipe is formed by pouring concrete into a formwork, and axially rotating it, and allowing it to compact using centrifugal force.

What is non pressure pipe?

Non-pressure pipes are workhorses. They are the drain and waste pipes, moving wastewater and sewage or draining stormwater away from buildings. They are also vent pipes, electrical conduit, ducts, part of radon remediation and more.

What is the thickness of hume pipe?

Thickness: 25mm to 150mm depend on Dia & class of pipe. Shape: Round. Class: NP2 / NP3 / NP4 / P1 / P2 / P3.

What is pressure and non pressure pipe?

Pressurized pipes create a static pressure when an external stimulus, like flushing, has been generated. Non-pressurized pipe relies on pressure that comes from gravity and the weight of the existing amount of water.

What is a pressure pipe?

Pressure-piping is a set of pipes which are used to contain fluid at high pressure. High-pressure gases were transported through pressure-piping. High-pressure vapor should be carried through pressure-piping to a storage bank. Pressure-piping is a set of pipes which are used to contain fluid at high pressure.

What is NP2 full form?

Nucleoside Phosphorylase-2. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved.

How do you measure hume pipe size?

Total area of 300 mm Diameter Hume Pipe =3.14 X (Diameter/2)2 =3.14X(300/2)2. Total area of 150 mm Diameter Hume Pipe=70650 Sq.mm. Actual Fill up Area of Hume Pipe =40% X Area of Conduit =40% X 70650. Actual Fill up Area of Hume Pipe =28260 Sq.mm.

How do I calculate the weight of my Hume pipe?

The volume of the RCC pipe = π/4 × (D2- d2) × L. = 0.7855 × 0.32 × 2.5 = 0.6284 cubic meter. As you know, the density of RCC is 2500kg/cu.

What is pressure pipe used for?

Pressure Applications Plastic pressure piping is used for many industrial processes, in heating and cooling systems, fire protection installations, gas distribution, and for water supply and distribution.

What is the difference between pressure and non pressure pipes?