What does Hardy mean in slang?

What does Hardy mean in slang?

bold or daring; courageous: hardy soldiers. unduly bold; presumptuous; foolhardy.

Does Hardy mean strong?

Meaning of hardy in English. strong enough to bear extreme conditions or difficult situations: A few hardy souls continue to swim in the sea even in the middle of winter.

Is it hearty or Hardy?

“Hearty” itself refers to good health and ability, while “hardy” implies a boldness or capability to withstand tough conditions.

What is something Hardy?

bold and resolute; daring; courageous. 2. too bold; full of temerity; rash. 3. able to withstand fatigue, privation, etc.; robust; vigorous.

What is a hardy woman?

1 : bold, brave a hardy intrepid spirit.

What does robust and hardy mean?

Able to withstand difficult or adverse conditions; robust. Hardy explorers; hardy perennials. adjective. 2. Bold and resolute; daring; courageous.

Can people be hardy?

Hardy means tough––if you’re hardy, you don’t get tired easily and can endure hardship. People who don’t catch cold often attribute this fact to their coming from hardy farming stock. Before 1200, hardy indicated boldness and daring in battle and was probably influenced by hard.

Is it hardy or hearty laugh?

Hardy means to be “strong” or “bold.”A hardy person can handle tough conditions. For example: They must be truly hardy folk to survive a Minnesota winter. Hearty means to “express warmly.” For example: Santa Claus gave a hearty laugh.

What does a hardy woman mean?

1 : bold, brave a hardy intrepid spirit. 2 : audacious, brazen.

How do you use Hardy in a sentence?

Hardy in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Trees in the woodland are hardy, withstanding cold winters and severe weather in the spring.
  2. Country boys are hardy and never cry when they fall or whine when they get hurt outside.
  3. Although he was toughly criticized, Dr.

Which means almost the same as Hardy?

able-bodied. adjectivephysically strong and capable. firm. fit. hale.

What does hardy personality mean?

To be described as ‘hardy’ means to be strong and tolerant of stressful situations. Some people seem to be more hardy than others when it comes to dealing with stress. Studies show that emotional hardiness contributes to resilience with regard to medical and mental illness.

What makes a hardy personality?

Hardiness is conceptualised as a personality characteristic which encompasses three component traits (commitment, challenge and control), and acts as a resistance resource mitigating the adverse effects of stressful life events (Kobasa, 1979).

What is a hearty appetite?

Definition of hearty appetite : a strong interest in and desire to eat well All of the children have hearty appetites.

What is a hardy spirit?

1 : bold, brave a hardy intrepid spirit. 2 : audacious, brazen. 3a : accustomed to dealing with fatigue or hardships : robust The soldiers were strong and hardy.

How can I be a hardy person?

Hardy people have three common characteristics: (a) they believe they can control events in their lives (control); (b) they are able to consider themselves as fully engaged in their daily activities (commitment); and (c) they are capable of interpreting problems as exciting challenges to personal growth (challenge) [13 …

What does hearty mean in slang?

1a : giving unqualified support a hearty endorsement. b : enthusiastically or exuberantly cordial : jovial had a bluff and hearty bearing, but he was a rogue— Ross Annett.

What is a synonym for Hardy?

synonyms for hardy Compare Synonyms firm fit hale solid sound stalwart stout well able able-bodied acclimatized brawny burly capable enduring fresh hardened healthy hearty hefty in fine fettle in good condition in good shape indefatigable inured lusty mighty muscular physically fit powerful resistant robust rugged seasoned staunch sturdy

What is the meaning of the word Hardy?

What is the noun for hardy? hardy. hardness. The quality of being hard. An instance of this quality; hardship. (inorganic chemistry) The quantity of calcium carbonate dissolved in water, usually expressed in parts per million (ppm). The resistance to scratching, cutting, indentation or abrasion of a metal or other solid material. (physics) The

What is the definition of Hardy?

1. sturdy; strong: a hardy constitution. 2. (of plants) able to withstand the cold of winter in the open air. 3. requiring great physical courage, vigor, or endurance: hardy sports. 4. courageous: hardy explorers. 5. unduly bold; presumptuous; foolhardy.

What is the noun for Hardy?

Noun. hardy (plural hardies) (usually in the plural) Anything, especially a plant, that is hardy. A blacksmith’s fuller or chisel, having a square shank for insertion into a square hole in an anvil, called the hardy hole. Anagrams. Hydra, hydra; Middle French Etymology. From Old French hardi.