Is there a real difference between left and right Twix?

Is there a real difference between left and right Twix?

The left Twix and right Twix packaging first appeared in 2017. So while there’s little evidence that there’s any difference at all between the two bars, we leave it entirely up to you which Twix you prefer.

Why is there a left Twix and right Twix?

“They’re completely identical,” one user says, while another asserts, “The left Twix starts as a cookie, then it’s covered in caramel and dipped in chocolate. The right Twix starts as chocolate and someone carefully pushes the cookie inside, using caramel to prevent the cookie from crumbling.”

Which side of Twix has more cookie?

For instance, some claim that Left Twix is more crunchy and sweet because the cookie was enrobed in chocolate then drizzled with caramel. This makes the cookie inside crispier. Meanwhile, the Right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel that makes it taste sweeter and also crunchy.

What does the Left Twix have more of?

There’s a distinct difference in the coating process.” If you’re still wary of the truth, the publication continued, “The distinction [between the two] can be found on the label, as the right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel, and the left side is enrobed in chocolate with drizzled caramel.”

Did Twix change their recipe?

TWIX® is now made using the global signature recipe and has a more satisfying crunch in its biscuit, alongside the chewy, creamy caramel; a recipe which is loved by consumers around the world.” I did ask a few deeper questions – like the reason behind the change – but did not receive a response.

How many flavors does Twix have?

Two flavors finally united: TWIX Salted Caramel.

Which Twix has more cookie?

Four years ago, someone in the NoStupidQuestions subreddit asked if the bars were different. While one user wrote, “They’re completely identical. It’s just an advertising campaign,” another responded, “Wrong. Left Twix is clearly superior with us smooth chocolate flowed over the creamy caramel and crunchy cookie.”

Are both sides of a Twix bar the same?

Left vs Right Twix According to modern-day Twix rival factories, the two sides are not the same. What is this? In the right Twix factory, caramel flows on the cookie, while in the left Twix factory, caramel cascades onto the cookie. There’s a distinct difference in the coating process.

Which is more popular left or right Twix?

You’re probably a Left TWIX® fan. On the other hand, our results show that most Right TWIX® fans like low-key fashion. “The rivalry between Left TWIX® and Right TWIX® fans pushed us to dig deeper to define their characteristics,” said Michelle Deignan, TWIX® Brand Director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

Which Twix side is better?

Both Right and Left Twix are great chocolate choices with great taste. Some people argue that owing to its greater caramel content, Left Twix is sweeter and crunchier. It also leaves a caramel dip on biting. Others insist that the Right Twix is sweeter and crunchier.

Is there really a difference between left and right Twix?

To our surprise, when we also tried to find the same we get some interesting results. The difference between Left Twix and Right Twix is that Left Twix is enrobed in chocolate with drizzled caramel and a crunchy cookie inside. Whereas, Right Twix is cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel and a crispy cookie inside.

Are the sides of Twix really different?

There is no difference between right Twix and left Twix. One side has to be the right side and one side has to be the left side it just depends on which way you hold it. I think they were just tricking us with the commercial, but it is fun to think about. Left twix is a cookie coated in caramel and chocolate.

What’s the difference between left and right Twix?

The left Twix has a smooth chocolate taste with a crunch of cookie and caramel. How you hold and open the bars when you want to eat them will help you determine the left from the right Twix. The bars are packaged in a way that the top and bottom Twix and the names printed lengthwise.

Did Twix have other flavors?

Twix Topix comes in three awesome flavors: creamy caramel, macchiato, and milk cream. Round it up for another different and amazing taste sensation. This flavor variant has the conventional Twix blend of ingredients in a round shell of biscuit instead!