What are the examples of digital ICs?

What are the examples of digital ICs?

These families are listed as following below:

  • Diode Logic (DL) Registers and diodes are used to implement logic.
  • Resistor-Transistor Logic (RTL)
  • Diode Transistor Logic (DTL)
  • Transistor – Transistor Logic (TTL)
  • Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL)
  • Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Logic (CMOS)

What is an integrated circuit PDF?

An integrated circuit (IC) is a miniature ,low cost electronic circuit consisting of active and passive components fabricated together on a single crystal of silicon.

What are the mini-projects in digital electronics in 2014?

Here is the list of mini-projects in digital electronics that includes the latest digital projects in 2014, for the electronic engineering students. Ultra Sonic Alarm for Visually Impaired Infra-Red Repeater. Digital Fan Speed Regulator Digital Bank Token Number Display Main Phase Sequence Indicator Digital Programmable Dark Room Controller

What are the best circuits for simple project development?

2. Automatic LED Emergency Light This is another popular circuit which can be used for a simple project development. There are 3 versions available. One is developed by CircuitsToday team and other by Seetharaman Subrahmanian (a great contributor of CircuitsToday).

What is an integrated circuit?

An “Integrated Circuit” is just a name for a bunch of complex logic nicely packaged in an easily usable chip format. There are so many different kinds of these IC chips, and they can perform so many different functions. Check out these integrated circuit projects!

What are some good mini projects for electronics engineering students?

This is a classic mini project for electronics engineering students. This project, developed using AT89S51 (a version of 8051 from Atmel) with a well-explained circuit diagram and program, controls the water level in a tank by controlling a water pump motor depending on the current water levels.