What does voco stand for in the military?

What does voco stand for in the military?


Acronym Definition
VOCO Verbal Orders of the Commander
VOCO Verbal Orders of Commanding Officer

What does sea stand for in the military?

SEA. Supply Excellence Award (US Army)

What is Army AUS Unasgd?

Unasgd. Unassigned. Marine, Armed Forces, Forces.

What’s the meaning of voco?

The name voco is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘to invite’ or ‘to come together’.

What is the acronym SEA?

SEA, an acronym for Southeast Asia.

What does SEA stand for in the Navy?

Strategic Environmental Assessment. SEA. NAVSEA (US Navy)

What does DOA mean in ARMY?

Dead on Arrival
DOA – Dead on Arrival. DoDAAC – Department of Defense Activity Address Code (U.S. Military)

Does ADOS count as active duty?

ADOS translates to Active Duty for Operational Support. The Army Corps of Engineers OP-ADOS program uses volunteer Reserve Component Soldiers on active duty to complete critical missions – from supporting flood fights in St.

What does SEA stand for in planning?

A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) is an environmental assessment required under the SEA Directive for “plans and programmes” which are likely to have significant effects on the environment. An SEA often relates to large scale government plans such as roads, water infrastructure and development plans.

What does SEA stand for in medical terms?

SEA. Spinal Epidural Abscess. Hospital, Health, Healthcare.

What is a Voco in the military?

VOCO Due to circumstances beyond the member’s control which prevent written orders in advance IRs may be directed to travel without a copy of written orders. This type of travel is called “Verbal Orders of the Commander” or VOCO.

When do I need a Voco?

After which, a VOCO can then be considered. If no waiver is on file the member would not be authorized to proceed on the tour. VOCOs are only used as a last resort and are only issued when time or system errors prevents the publication of written orders in advance. They are not intended to be used due to a lack of planning.

How do I initiate a Voco request?

VOCO requests will be initiated by completing the VOCO Letter template and final VOCO will be confirmed in writing by the Det CC. How is an order routed? When is it routed?