Is i the subject or object of a sentence?

Is i the subject or object of a sentence?

It’s the thing or person to who or to which we do the action of the verb. For example, in the sentence ‘I give the chocolate’, the subject is ‘I’, the verb is ‘give’ and the direct object is ‘the chocolate’. But we can also say ‘I give Lucy the chocolate’.

What is an object in a sentence examples?

An object can be a single-word noun (e.g., dog, goldfish, man), a pronoun (e.g., her, it, him), a noun phrase (e.g., the doggy in window, to eat our goldfish, a man about town), or a noun clause (e.g., what the dog saw, how the goldfish survived, why man triumphed).

How do you identify subject and object?

The subject is usually the thing or person who performs the action of the verb. The object is the thing or person that is involved in the action of the verb, but does not carry it out. In the following sentence: The man is the subject because he is doing something (eating a cream cake).

What is subject in a sentence example?

A subject is a part of a sentence that contains the person or thing performing the action (or verb) in a sentence. (See What is a verb?) Here are some examples: Example: Jennifer walked to the store.

What is the difference between object and subject?

– I made my friend some coffee. (Here the direct object is ‘some coffee’ – the thing that I made. – I threw John the ball. (Here the direct object is ‘the ball’ and the indirect object is ‘John’.) – I passed Lucy the plate of biscuits. (Here the direct object is ‘the plate of biscuits’ and the indirect object is ‘Lucy’.)

How do you identify subject and verb?

If the subject is singular,the verb must be singular too.

  • If the subject is plural,the verb must also be plural.
  • When the subject of the sentence is composed of two or more nouns or pronouns connected by and,use a plural verb.
  • When there is one subject and more than one verb,the verbs throughout the sentence must agree with the subject.
  • What is an example of an object in a sentence?

    Becky baked Bernice a plateful of cookies.

  • Her mom brought her a glassful of seashells.
  • In art class,I made my roommate a sculpture.
  • Marcia gave her sister a sidelong stare.
  • Can we tell our friends the story of how we met?
  • The sun gave the garden a pocketful of sunshine.
  • Seamus assembled Marie a brand new office chair.
  • How do you use object in a sentence?

    Subject+Verb (S+V)

  • Subject+Verb+Direct Object (S+V+DO)
  • Subject+Verb+Indirect Object+Direct Object (S+V+IO+DO)
  • Subject+Verb+Subject Complement (S+V+SC)