When was the last biker build-off?

When was the last biker build-off?

Biker Build-Off
Running time 45 minutes
Original network Discovery Channel
Original release September 28, 2002 – 2007

Who won the World Biker Build-Off?

builder Matt Hotch
The Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off has been won by California builder Matt Hotch. His victory was announced at Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Café on Friday with ZZ Top providing the entertainment.

Who won the Biker Build-Off on American Chopper?

and Jesse James took the stage, in order to find how who you, the audience, thought built the best bike. As if there were any question about who would come out on top, Paul Jr. bested not only his father, Paul Sr. , but he also bested one of the most regarded bike builders in the world, Jesse James.

How many fingers did Indian Larry have?

6 Lost His Little Finger A popular version of the story behind the loss of the finger claimed Larry built a bomb as a kid in his parent’s basement, intending to blow up the catholic school where he suffered abuse.

What was tattooed on Indian Larry’s neck?

Larry started getting tattoos later on in life he got his neck tattoo when he was in his mid 40s. The tattoo across the front of his throat read: IN GOD WE TRUST VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYETH THE LORD NO FEAR The lettering of the middle two lines was in reverse so that it could be read in the mirror. Indian Larry.

Is Indian Larry still living?

August 30, 2004Indian Larry / Date of death

What ever happened to Indian Larry?

Larry Desmedt, a New York-based custom motorcycle builder and biker better known nationally as Indian Larry, died on Monday in Charlotte, N.C., of injuries he suffered doing a stunt on Saturday at an appearance there.

What is the Great Biker Build-Off?

Biker Build-Off was originally an irregularly-grouped series (termed “rounds”) of contests that spanned a calendar year. The original Great Biker Build-Off was a single competition. In 2003, the second round had three contests, and the third round (2004) had six.

Who are the Biker Build-Off cast?

Biker Build-Off Created by Thom Beers Starring Hugh King (Master of Ceremonies) Narrated by Thom Beers Composer Ken Mazur

When did Biker Build-Off turn into a regular series?

The show proved so popular that more episodes were produced in succeeding years, to the point that it was turned into a regular series (and its name shortened to just Biker Build-Off) in 2005.

What are the rules of the Biker Build-Off?

When the show became a regular series, the current rules of the Biker Build-Off were defined as follows: 1. Each builder has 10 days to build a working custom motorcycle in his or her respective style. They must obtain a framework, engine, and other necessary parts, construct their unique body, have it painted,…