Is 991 Turbo a supercar?

Is 991 Turbo a supercar?

The 911 Turbo was first released in the 1970’s, but has evolved from the edgy, intimidating sports car it was into the polished and sophisticated everyday supercar of today. Now in its 991.2 guise, the 911 Turbo is as capable and organ-pummellingly fast as ever.

Are 991 Porsches reliable?

The 991 is an extremely reliable car and does not have the issues associated with the 996 or early 997.

What is the difference between 991 Turbo and Turbo S?

Boost pressure has also risen by 0.15 bar and, for the first time, the S model uses different, bigger turbochargers from the basic Turbo model. Peak power is up to 572bhp at 6750rpm for the Turbo S, meanwhile torque is a substantial 553lb ft between 2250 and 4000rpm.

How wide is 991 Turbo?

Porsche 991
Length 4,491 mm (176.8 in) (Carrera) 4,506 mm (177.4 in) (Turbo) 4,545 mm (178.9 in) (GT3)
Width 1,808 mm (71.2 in) (Carrera) 1,880 mm (74.0 in) (Turbo) 1,852 mm (72.9 in) (GT3)
Height 1,303 mm (51.3 in) (Carrera) 1,296 mm (51.0 in) (Turbo) 1,269 mm (50.0 in) (GT3)

How heavy is a Porsche 911 Turbo?

17.6 gal. Curb weight (lbs) 3,635 lbs.

What year is 991.2 Turbo?

2017 – 2019 991.2 (7th Gen) Facelift. 2013 – 2016 991.1 (7th Gen) 2010 – 2012 997.2 (6th Gen) Facelift. 2007 – 2009 997.1 (6th Gen)…991.2 Generation 911 Turbo Production Years:

Trim 991.2 Turbo 2017 – 2019 991.2 Turbo For Sale 991.2 Turbo S 2017 – 2019 991.2 Turbo S For Sale
Drivetrain AWD AWD

Why is 911 Turbo S so fast?

The outrageously quick Porsche 911 Turbo S The optimally enhanced all-wheel drive system sends 368 lb-ft of torque to the front of the vehicle. The larger turbine geometry turbos allow for a car that is more powerful than its predecessor, offering 60 more hp along with 37 lb-ft more of torque.

Is Porsche 911 an everyday car?

As Porsche itself says, “a Porsche is not an everyday sports car. It’s a sports car for every day.” With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the key factors that make the Porsche 911 an unexpectedly practical high-end sports car.