What does po mean in cadets?

What does po mean in cadets?

Performance Objective
Acronyms and Definitions

Acronym/Term Definition Additional Explanation
PO Performance Objective
PPS Power Pilot Scholarship Summer Training Scholarship where cadets can get their Private Pilot License
PSC Parent Sponsoring Committee
PSRY Positive Social Relations for Youth Replaces CHAP program

What does FTU mean in cadets?

Field Training Uniform
FTU. Field Training Uniform – Refers to the field training uniform. Consists of olive-green trousers and shirt, Field Training Boots (aka combat boots), RCAC slip-ons, Head-dress (beret, tan wide-brimmed summer hat, turban, or toque). For more information, see CATO 46-01 Army Cadet Dress Regulations.

Is Sea Cadets a part of the military?

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC or NSCC) is a congressionally chartered, U.S. Navy-sponsored organization that serves to teach individuals about the sea-going military services, U.S. naval operations and training, community service, citizenship, and an understanding of discipline and teamwork.

What age are Sea Cadets?

You can join as a Junior Cadet when you are 10, and enjoy summer camps and making new friends as you head towards becoming a Sea Cadet at 12, or Royal Marines Cadet at 13.

How do cadet ranks work?

Cadet second lieutenant is the first officer rank in ROTC, followed by cadet first lieutenant and cadet captain. The cadet battalion commander holds the rank of cadet lieutenant colonel, and the second in a command position is cadet executive officer at the rank of cadet major.

What is a quartermaster seaman in the Navy?

A quartermaster seaman is a navigational expert who assists the ship’s chief navigator, keeps navigational charts and equipment in working order, and can serve as helmsman if called upon. Navigation mistakes can be lethal, so the Navy is very selective about recruiting quartermasters from the enlisted ranks. The Quartermaster Navy Job

What do Sea Cadets do?

The mission of the Sea Cadets is to build leaders of character. Leadership opportunities and learning valuable skills open a wide variety of career paths for our cadets. Examples include public service, medicine, and law enforcement. Many pursue higher education.

How many Sea Cadets join the Navy?

A recent poll showed that 65% of cadets were interested in joining the military. According to the U.S. Navy, more than 500 former Sea Cadets join the United States Navy in a typical year 10% to 12% of graduating Sea Cadets will enter each incoming U.S. Naval Academy Class. Who Can Join?

What are the qualifications to be a quartermaster on a ship?

A quartermaster on a ship must be a U.S. citizen, able to meet all security-clearance requirements. Quartermasters must have good knowledge of arithmetic, the ability to understand computers and good communications skills, both written and verbal. They must be able to function as a member of an integrated team.