How wide is a 50 gallon lowboy water heater?

How wide is a 50 gallon lowboy water heater?

Smith® 50-Gallon Lowboy Electric Water Heater 26-1/2″ D x 34″ H | HD Supply.

What is a lowboy heater?

Signature 100 Series Lowboy electric water heater is designed to take up as little room as possible and is the ideal choice for when installation space is limited to tight spaces such as under counters and in crawl spaces.

How tall is a 40 gallon lowboy?


How tall is a Rheem 40 gallon electric water heater?

20.25 in Product Height (in.) 58.875 in Product Width (in.)

What are the dimensions of a 30 gallon hot water tank?

Product Dimensions

Type: Tall
Height: 46 1/2″
Diameter: 19″
Width: 19″
Depth: 19″

How long can you shower with a 30 gallon water heater?

Say your electric heater is 30 gallons. If the previous shower lasted 15 minutes, you’re looking at about four minutes of hot water remaining….WAIT TIME FOR HOT SHOWER.

Tank Capacity (gallons) Minutes of Hot Water (electric) Minutes of Hot Water (gas)
30 19 30
40 25 40
50 31 50

Can you put a gas water heater in a crawl space?

A water heater can be placed in a crawl space. Local building codes, climate, and environmental features need to be taken into consideration.

Which is better tall or short water heater?

Short Water Heaters Are Energy Efficient In comparison to tall water heaters, the short ones are almost 40% more energy efficient. Opting for appliances with higher energy efficiency ratings is always a wise choice. Low energy consumption will result in low energy costs and help you save some money.

Is a 30 gallon water heater good?

No matter your home size or how many people reside there, water heaters are a much-needed appliance. They provide hot water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. A 30-gallon tank-style heater is often enough to provide you with the hot water for small homes with 1 or 2 people and low water needs.

How heavy is a 30 gallon water heater?

Weight: 95 lbs.

Should I get a 30 or 40-gallon water heater?

Both 30- and 40-gallon water tanks are on the small end and work best for only a few people. A 30-gallon tank would generally be enough for one or two people. A family of three to four will likely need a 40-gallon water heater, but you might need a larger tank if you use a lot of hot water.