How much is the toll on the 125?

How much is the toll on the 125?

Tolls now range from 50 cents to $2.75 for motorists with FasTrak electronic tolling accounts and from $2 to $3.50 for cash/credit card users.

How do I pay toll on 125 in San Diego?

How To Pay on the South Bay Expressway / 125 Toll Road

  1. Cash: Use bills or exact change to pay your toll.
  2. Credit Card: You can pay with any MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover card, including gift cards that have the logo of one of those networks.

How much is the 125 Freeway?

Tolls now range from 50 cents to $2.75 for FasTrak users and from $2 to $3.50 for cash/ credit card users.

Is the 125 in San Diego a toll road?

The southern portion of SR 125 from SR 11 and SR 905 to SR 54 near Chula Vista is a toll road called the South Bay Expressway.

How much is the South Bay Expressway?

The MMT is the minimum usage required for a FasTrak account and is based on the number of transponders assigned to the account ($3.50 per account plus $1 per transponder)….MMT and Fee Schedule:

Minimum Monthly in Tolls (One Transponder Included) $4.50
Transaction Fee for License Plate Image-based Transactions $2.00

How do I pay express way?

There will be three modes of payment for motorists using the Nairobi Expressway, which include; cash, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and Manual Toll Collection(MTC). KeNHA says that motorists who opt for cash are not obligated to register before their trip on the Nairobi Expressway.

How do I pay my toll Online San Diego?

Pay Toll(s) Online or With The Toll Roads App Pay toll(s) within 5 days before or 5 days after driving The Toll Roads using the “Pay Toll Now” option found on our website or The Toll Roads app. There are no invoices, prepayments, statements or transponders – but you do pay the highest toll rates.

How do I pay tolls in Southern California?

In California, the preferred method to pay tolls is Fastrak toll tag. You can also pay tolls in California using NationalPass. Some toll roads, bridges and other toll facilities also accept Pay-by-plate (video toll system), cash, phone or by mail.

How do you use an express lane in San Diego?

Follow the pavement markings through the transition into the Express Lanes.

  1. For solo drivers, an overhead antenna instantly reads your FasTrak transponder and deducts the correct toll from your prepaid account.
  2. Solo drivers should not enter the Express Lanes when “HOV ONLY” is displayed in the overhead signs.

How much do Tolls cost in San Diego?


Toll Road Name I-15 Value Pricing Project, San Diego California
Auto Cost $8 max pass. fee $0.50 min pass.
Discounts FasTrak users save on tolls and rideshares can use the Express Lanes free of charge
Distance of the Toll Road 20 miles – 32 Km
How to pay FasTrak

What is FasTrak charge?

If you open an account using cash, check or money order, FasTrak collects an initial prepaid balance of $25 per toll tag plus a $5 security deposit per toll tag. You are responsible for adding more money to your account when the balance falls below $30 or the minimum threshold.

How do I pay for Nairobi Expressway?

Motorists can register to use a manual payment system, or install an automatic payment system, which allows them to pass through tolling stations more quickly.

  1. Manual vs Electronic Toll Cards.
  2. Nairobi Expressway Dos and Don’ts.
  3. Breakdown of Cost of Travelling on The Nairobi Expressway.

How do I register for express way in Kenya?

10,000 motorists have already registered to use the Expressway. Kenyans can register manually, electronically or pay to go through the tolling stations using cash. To use the Manual tolling card (MTC), one is required to use their national Identity Card |(ID) to register for the card which costs Sh1,300.

How do I pay a one time toll in California?

One-Time Payment

  1. Online using a credit card: Visit
  2. By phone using a credit card: Call toll-free 1-877-229-8655 or 415-486-8655 outside the USA.
  3. In person using cash: Visit a Cash Payment Location.

How do I pay SR 125 South Bay Expressway tolls?

From SR 125 South Bay Expressway toll prices to payment options, Uproad lets you know the rules of the road. And, if you drive a lot and are looking for a new toll payment account without a transponder or toll tag, you’ve come to the right place! With an Uproad app account, you’ll pay tolls with your mobile phone.

How do I contact ExpressToll customer service?

Please call ExpressToll Customer Service at 303-537-3470, or 1-888-946-3470. Subscribe to never miss an Express Lanes update. The stats are in: Express Lanes are moving people faster in peak travel times.

Can I pay tolls without a transponder or toll tag?

And, if you drive a lot and are looking for a new toll payment account without a transponder or toll tag, you’ve come to the right place! With an Uproad app account, you’ll pay tolls as you go with your mobile phone. *Drivers without a valid payment option get a mailed bill or violation and pay the highest toll rate.

Can I avoid paying tolls with the switchable HOV transponder?

While it might be tempting to use the Switchable HOV Transponder to avoid paying tolls, it is important to remember there is enforcement on the roadway. Our local law enforcement officers are out on the corridors; violations could cost up to $250. “It is so exciting to see the major components of this project on my daily commute… .”