How do you get past test chamber 14 in portal?

How do you get past test chamber 14 in portal?

Once in the room with the energy pellet, place an orange portal on the wall, on top of the black mark left behind by the bouncing energy pellet. The pellet will pass through the portal and into the receptor in the previous section of the testchamber.

How do you beat test chamber 20 in portal?


  1. Walk over to the Beams and place a portal on the wall on the left-side where the Beam ends.
  2. Place the other portal to the column facing the three Receptacles.
  3. Pick up the cube that is already redirecting one of the Beams.
  4. Pick up the other cube and place it over the beam coming from the ceiling.

How do you do test chamber 16 on portal?

Make sure that the portal on the wall is behind the turret. Go through the portal and knock over the turret. Take a cube and place it on the button. Then shoot a portal through the opened door on wall behind the turret.

What is the hardest Portal 2 chapter?

The “Hard Rat Life” is the hardest level ever created in Portal 2, I believe that because people just can’t win.

How do you get past test chamber 19 in portal?

Testchamber 19 As soon as the pellet passes into the orange portal and out of the blue portal, quickly move the blue portal away from the slanted panel its currently on (move it anywhere). With the portal moved, the pellet should ricochet off the wall and bounce into the receptor.

What is the portal radio music called?

Still Alive [
Still Alive [Radio Version] (From “Portal”) – song by Frank Tedesco & Zach Heyde | Spotify.

How many puzzles are there in portal?

Portal is a puzzle adventure game by Valve that introduces a unique new mechanic of shooting portals to teleport yourself or objects from one place to another. The game is fairly short but does have some interesting level designs. This walkthrough will give you a video and written solution to each of the 20 puzzles.

How do you get past the turrets in portal?

To get rid of them, you need to open a portal on the red X above each turret, and drop a weighted storage cube (or other object) onto the turrets.