How can I use ASP.NET Membership provider?

How can I use ASP.NET Membership provider?

The ASP.NET membership provider is a feature that enables ASP.NET developers to create Web sites that allow users to create unique user name and password combinations. With this facility, any user can establish an account with the site, and sign in for exclusive access to the site and its services.

How can use Membership provider in ASP NET MVC?

Let’s create a application for membership provider ASP.NET MVC. Step 1: Go to visual studio and click on new project -> a window will open from here select a ‘ASP.NET MVC4 web application’ and give the name for this project in my case I give it as “MVCMembershipProvider “.

How does membership GetUser work?

The GetUser method retrieves the user information from the data source and creates a MembershipUser object populated with the returned data. The user is identified using the unique identifier from the data source specified using the providerUserKey parameter.

Which of the following is the membership management framework given by Microsoft which can be easily integrated with Web API?

ASP.NET Web API is a framework provided by the Microsoft with which we can easily build HTTP services that can reach a broad of clients, including browsers, mobile, IoT devices, etc.

How do I authenticate a user in REST API?

Users of the REST API can authenticate by providing a user ID and password to the REST API login resource with the HTTP POST method. An LTPA token is generated that enables the user to authenticate future requests.

What is SignInAsync?

SignInAsync(HttpContext, ClaimsPrincipal) Sign in a principal for the default authentication scheme. The default scheme for signing in can be configured using DefaultSignInScheme. SignInAsync(HttpContext, ClaimsPrincipal, AuthenticationProperties) Sign in a principal for the default authentication scheme.

How to add custom field to ASP NET membership provider?

ASP.NET membership is designed to enable you to easily use a number of different membership providers for your ASP.NET applications. You can use the supplied membership providers that are included with the .NET Framework, or you can implement your own providers. There are two primary reasons for creating a custom membership provider.

Is ASP.NET the same thing as .net?

It is mostly misunderstood that ASP.NET vs .NET are the same. When a programmer working on these will definitely know that they are not the same. . NET is a software framework or infrastructure which Microsoft developed. ASP.NET, on the other hand, is a web application that is used to build various applications.

What are the benefits of ASP NET?

Peek: Into the world of Web Applications.

  • Asp.Net: Robust Developmental Framework.
  • Benefits of Using ASP.NET.
  • Bringing Object-Oriented Programming to the Internet.
  • Web Services: A great Feature of
  • Extensive Class Library.
  • Cross-Language Interoperability: Versatile.
  • Conclusion: offers the most flexible development framework.
  • Is ASP.NET different from ASP?

    ASP.NET is purely object-oriented whereas ASP is partially object-oriented. There is no in-built support for XML in ASP, whereas ASP.NET has full XML support for easy data exchange. Image Courtesy:,