Does discovery KeyCare plus cover?

Does discovery KeyCare plus cover?

Unlimited cover for medically appropriate GP consultations, blood tests, X-rays or medicine in our KeyCare networks on the KeyCare Plus and KeyCare Start plans. Guaranteed full cover in hospital for specialists on the KeyCare network, and up to 100% of the Discovery Health Rate (DHR) for other healthcare professionals.

Which hospitals does discovery KeyCare cover?

Amanzimtoti. Netcare Kingsway Hospital. Chatsworth.

  • Durban. JMH City Hospital. Life Entabeni Hospital.
  • Isipingo. JMH Isipingo Clinic. Kokstad.
  • Ladysmith. Lenmed La Verna Hospital. Newcastle.
  • Phoenix. Life Mount Edgecombe Hospital. Pietermaritzburg.
  • Pinetown. Life Crompton Hospital. Port Shepstone.
  • Richards Bay. Netcare The Bay Hospital.
  • How do I change my doctor on Discovery KeyCare?

    Log in to update your details. If you do not have a primary GP on record, you must speak to your broker or call us on 0860 99 88 77 so we can allocate a GP to you. Simply dial *120*DISCO# or *120*34726# from your cellphone to immediately confirm your KeyCare Plan benefits.

    What is Discovery primary care network?

    Discovery Primary Care is offered by Discovery Life and administered by Discovery Health. It was introduced to provide quality, affordable access to primary healthcare for employees who are unable to access medical scheme benefits.

    Does KeyCare plus cover hospital?

    On KeyCare Plus you are covered in any network casualty unit at one of the KeyCare network hospitals.

    Does KeyCare plus cover MRI scans?

    On the KeyCare Plus and KeyCare Core plans, we pay approved MRI or CT scans from the available funds in the Specialist Benefit, up to R4 400 for each person a year.

    Does Discovery pay for specialists?

    Cover for Specialists We pay up to 200% of the Discovery Health Rate (DHR) on Classic plans, and up to 100% of the DHR for Essential and Coastal plans for specialists that we do not have a payment arrangement with, as long as their accounts are part of an approved hospital admission.

    What is a network doctor?

    A provider network is a list of the doctors, other health care providers, and hospitals that a plan contracts with to provide medical care to its members. These providers are called “network providers” or “in-network providers.” A provider that isn’t contracted with the plan is called an “out-of-network provider.”

    Does KeyCare plus cover colonoscopy?

    We cover endoscopies such as gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and proctoscopy used to investigate the digestive system. You have Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) cover in the KeyCare Day Surgery Network (or KeyCare Start Day Surgery Network for KeyCare Start members).

    Does KeyCare plus cover wisdom teeth removal?

    The KeyCare Dental Benefit covers out-of-hospital dentistry which includes consultations, limited fillings, x-rays, tooth extractions, cleaning and polishing, subject to the list of procedures and limitations described in the table at the end of the document.

    Does discovery KeyCare plus cover colonoscopy?

    Does KeyCare plus cover occupational therapy?

    Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy day to day: No benefit. Additional Chronic Conditions: No benefit.

    Who is in your network?

    Your immediate network includes the people you know directly, either in person or via social networks. You also can access the people they know as part of your extended network. In other words, your brother’s boss, your neighbor’s professor, or your college friend’s accountant, are all in your network.

    Does KeyCare plus cover endoscopy?

    KEYCARE SERIES We do not cover scopes done in hospital. Please contact us on 0860 99 88 77 or go to before you go for the procedure to confirm your benefits. Scopes done in the doctor’s rooms will be covered from your Hospital Benefit.

    Does discovery KeyCare plus pay for physiotherapy?

    How do I find a doctor in my network?

    You can find out if your doctor or hospital is in a Covered California plan’s network by looking on the health plan’s website. The plan’s “provider directory” will show you a list of doctors and hospitals that are in the network.

    How do I identify my network?

    Here are some tips on how to build your business network:

    1. Organize your existing contacts. Go through contacts: friends, family, schoolmates, neighbors, club members, teammates, etc.
    2. Keep track of your contacts. Keep a careful record of everyone you meet.
    3. Identify your goals.
    4. Utilize social media.
    5. Talk to friends and family.

    What hospitals are included in the discovery keycare network?

    A comprehensive list of the Discovery Keycare network hospitals, including Core, Plus and Access plans, country wide. You are limited to these hospitals We help you stay in chargeof your health and your medical aid View any medical aid plan’s benefits: > Bestmed > Bonitas > Cape > Compcare > Discovery > Fedhealth > Genesis > Health Squared

    Did you know about Discovery Health Medical Scheme health plans?

    Did you know: All Discovery Health Medical Scheme health plans offer unlimited hospital cover. You are covered in any facility approved by the Scheme. The funding of newly licensed facilities are subject to approval by the Scheme, on all health plans. Some of our plans offer cover for planned admissions in a defined network.

    How do I choose a GP to join keycare?

    When joining KeyCare Plus or KeyCare Access, you must choose a GP from the KeyCare GP Network, for you and each dependant, to get access to your day-to-day benefits. Always go to your chosen KeyCare network GP to make sure you are covered.

    How do I make sure I am covered by keycare?

    Always go to your chosen KeyCare network GP to make sure you are covered. There are three easy ways to find and allocate network GPs. Login and view the list* or make use of the MaPS tool to look for GPs in your area.