Writing Chemistry Coursework

Writing an A+ Chemistry Coursework

Chemistry Coursework requires a thorough Knowledge of the Fundamentals of the Subject

Chemistry is one of the complicated and difficult subjects for most students. It’s the field of science that covers the properties, composition and structure of matter around us and how these matters interact and transform in to different forms of compositions. The matter under study ranges from air, solids to liquids. Of course there are the small numbers of natural “Einsteins” among us who love this subject and have a better grasp of the subject. They can even recall all the chemistry notations and equations by heart and go on to score A+ for their chemistry coursework. Although the rest of the majority might not be naturally inclined towards the subject, there is still no reason why they too cannot produce high quality coursework papers that score high grades. Let us discuss some key points that go in to writing a good coursework paper.

• Experiments as Assignments

In AS and A level classes as well as in further academic studies, Chemistry is an elective subject. Those who select it have an interest in pursuing studies in a scientific discipline. Therefore, these assignments will involve a significant amount of scientific experiments and reporting of the observations and outcomes of these investigations in essay form. Other assignments for the subject will include descriptive essays on various compositions, and reactions between different matters or even the historical developments in the field of chemistry.

• Sub Fields of Chemistry

Since the field of chemistry is vast, studies usually break it in to various sub fields. Some of such sub fields of chemistry will include chemical engineering, Organic and in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, geochemistry, medical chemistry, thermo chemistry, physical chemistry etc. As students progress in to pursuing specialized study programs in chemistry as Masters in Bio Chemistry or BSc in Organic chemistry, the focus on the chosen major will deepen while a number of elective subjects will provide supplementary knowledge of indirectly related other fields of chemistry. A student’s knowledge of any of the chosen field should be very high if an A+ coursework paper is the target. This means, referring to all the class notes, lecturer handouts as well as the assigned text for the module. In addition to this, intensive and in-depth research will yield information to back up the claims, assumptions and theories which the student will apply within the coursework.

• Analytical Chemistry Coursework

If you were to conduct some analytical chemistry assignments and report the findings, then it may involve analysis of composition of certain matter and then the interrelation between these matters under different conditions such as extreme heat or low temperatures. Simplest of examples of this is how common water or H2O in chemistry terms tends to solidify at minus temperatures and evaporate at high temperatures. Most often these practical assignments are accompanied with a requirement for writing an essay on the manner in which the experiment was conducted and what outcome was achieved. Do not forget to mention all the scientific apparatus and matter used in the experiment and apply the guidelines for writing effective process analysis essays. By writing in logical, step by step manner, your coursework paper is bound to convey the intended information clearly and demonstrate your knowledge and professional writing skills that adds up to a high grade.

• Chemistry Dissertations

Finally the most challenging of your chemistry coursework will involve the dissertation writing component for your degree program. This is a complex and challenging task which you must approach with plenty of time in advance and with the correct knowledge of how to write dissertation. Such a project will call for plenty of research work, and adherence to proper dissertation format. The work will need to be properly structured as per dissertation requirements and upon submission, presented and defended in a viva in front of a dissertation panel. Pre planning, outlining, editing and proofreading are some of the essential writing phases that you should not skip in writing your dissertation if gaining an “A grade” is your dream.