Why is it called a 7 ton?

Why is it called a 7 ton?

The MTVR is often referred to as a 7-Ton – 7 short tons (6,400 kg); denoting the vehicle’s off-road cargo capacity. The MTVR’s maximum payload on paved surfaces is 15 short tons (14,000 kg). The MTVR is the Marine Corps prime mover for the M777 howitzer, fuel and water assets, troops and a wide variety of equipment.

How much can an MTVR tow?

The Oshkosh Defense® Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) wrecker offers the power and performance to lift and tow any of the MTVR family of vehicles. It can also lift and tow other vehicles up to 24.5 tons (22226 kg) and flat tow other vehicles up to 31 tons (28123 kg).

What replaced the 5 ton military truck?

Oshkosh MTVR
The Oshkosh MTVR or Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement is a purpose-designed military truck for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. The MTVR entered production in 2005. It replaces the M939 and ageing M809 5-ton 6×6 trucks. The new truck offers greater mobility, payload and reliability.

How much is an Lvsr worth?

The core LVSR contract could be worth up to $740.2 million; initial Pentagon releases indicated up to 1,900 vehicles, but 2009 Oshkosh releases put the contract’s maximum at 1,592. Subsequent orders have climbed past Oshkosh’s number, and bear out the Pentagon’s figure.

What replaced the Deuce?

FMTVs first entered production in 1991 to replace the iconic 2.5-ton “deuce and a half” and 5-ton trucks. Since then, multiple vendors have produced, upgraded, and improved more than 75,000 of these vehicles.

What engine does a LVSR have?

The LVSR is powered by a 15.2-litre Caterpillar C15 six-cylinder in-line turbocharged, water-cooled four-stroke diesel, developing 600 hp (448 kW).

Why is it called 6×6?

Six-wheel drive (6×6) vehicles are built to run on an all-wheel drivetrain featuring three axles with at least two of the wheels being driven by the vehicle’s engine.

What is the point of a 6×6?

Instead of having 4 wheels on a single axle like a dually has, a 6├Ś6 has two axles in the rear and two wheels on each axle. The main benefit of this, is spreading the weight of the vehicle across the three axles resulting much better off-roading prowess.