Why do they call the pope papal?

Why do they call the pope papal?

The pontificial name is given in Latin by virtue of the pope’s status as bishop of Rome and head of the Catholic Church. The pope is also given an Italian name by virtue of his Vatican citizenship and because of his position as primate of Italy.

Who wrote the Liber pontificalis?

Giovanni Vignoli
The title Liber pontificalis is an eighteenth-century one, used by Giovanni Vignoli and made standard by Louis Duchesne; manuscripts from the early ninth century refer to it as Liber episcopalis or acta/gesta pontificum urbis Romae.

When did the pope became infallible?

The First Vatican Council in 1869-70, in its Pastor Aeternus decree, declared that the pope was infallible when he spoke “ex Cathedra” – or from the papal throne – on matters of faith and morals.

When was Liber pontificalis written?

The editio princeps—the first printed edition—of the Liber pontificalis was brought out in Mainz in 1602, by the printer Johannes Albinus.

How many times has the pope invoked infallibility?

Only one pope—and only one papal decree—has ever invoked this kind of infallibility since it was first defined. In 1950, Pius XII declared the Assumption of Mary (i.e., the quick passage of her body and soul into heaven) as a dogma of the church.

When was the last time papal infallibility was used?

In the 103 years since Vatican I, this authority has been used only once, in 1950, when Pope Pius XII solemnly defined The new dogma of the Virgin Mary’s bodily assumption to Heaven.

What is a pontiff?

In ancient Rome, a pontiff was one of many high-ranking religious authorities — in fact, there was a whole group of them, known collectively as the College of Pontiffs.

What is the meaning of book off?

Definition of book off. intransitive verb. chiefly Canada. : to notify an employer that one is not reporting for work (as because of sickness)

What is a good sentence for pontiff?

Definition of pontiff. Examples of pontiff in a Sentence. Few people would ever have expected to dredge up the remains of a pontiff who, nine months after his death, was at the center of on of the most bizarre episodes in the history of the papacy: a posthumous trial of a corpse.

What is the difference between a pope and a pontiff?

The word “pontiff”, though now most often used in relation to a pope, technically refers to any Catholic bishop. The phrase “Roman Pontiff” is therefore not tautological, but means “Bishop of Rome”. In the same way, a Pontifical Mass is a mass celebrated by a bishop, not necessarily a pope.