Why are Honda generators not available?

Why are Honda generators not available?

Honda has recalled 200,000 inverter generators sold between February 2018 and February 2019 because they can leak gasoline from the fuel valve, posing a fire hazard.

How long does a diesel generator last?

General Life Expectancy Diesel generators can last for at least 15,000 hours to a maximum of 50,000 hours before needing servicing. Ultimately the life expectancy of any individual generator will depend on factors such as generator sizing and preventive maintenance practices.

How often should I change the oil in my Honda generator?

Honda recommends checking engine oil levels each time the generator is used, with an oil change required after first 20 hours of use and every six months thereafter.

Who is predator engines made by?

These engines used to be made by a Chinese company called The Lifan Group. This company is based in Chongqing, China. They had the license to sell in China, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

What is the Honda N series diesel engine?

The N series is Honda’s first automotive diesel engine, an inline-four for medium-sized vehicles. It uses common rail direct injection, which Honda brands as i-CTDi (Intelligent Common-rail Turbocharged Direct injection).

What is a Honda generator?

Honda Generators set the standard for portable power. From the jobsite to the campground, the stadium parking lot to the raceway infield, Honda Generators work and play as hard as you do. Legendary Honda reliability makes Honda generators the ideal backup power source for homes and businesses alike.

Why choose Honda engines?

Advanced Performance Raising the bar. On everything. Proven reliability. The best of both worlds. Meet the world’s lightest OHC engine. Find out why Honda Engines should be your choice.

What are the different types of Honda engines?

Engines 1 GX Engines. Professionals rely on Honda’s GX Engines to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance, day in and day out. 2 GXV Engines. Honda’s GXV range of 4 stroke engines is in a class of its own. 3 V-Twin Engines. 4 Mini 4 Engines. 5 GP Engines. 6 GCV Engines.