Who was Clare Valley named after?

Who was Clare Valley named after?

The town itself was established in 1842 by Edward Burton Gleeson, and named after his ancestral home of County Clare in Ireland although the town was first named Inchiquin after Gleeson’s property.

Who discovered South Australia?

The first Europeans to explore South Australia were the crew of a Dutch vessel, the Gulden Zeepaert, led by Captain François Thijssen in 1627. From Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, the ship followed the southern coast of Australia east for 1,000 miles, reaching the edge of the Great Australian Bight.

Where is Clare Valley South Australia?

The Clare Valley is a valley located in South Australia about 100 kilometres (62 miles) north of Adelaide in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys council area. It is the river valley formed by the Hutt River but is also strongly associated with the roughly parallel Hill River.

How many people live in Clare SA?

The town of Clare is located in South Australia in the Mid North region, 136 km north of Adelaide. It gives its name to the Clare Valley wine and tourist region. At the 2016 census, Clare itself had a population of 3160 as part of an urban area with 3327 people.

Is Clare a city?

County Clare (Irish: Contae an Chláir) is a county in Ireland, in the Southern Region and the province of Munster, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean….County Clare.

County Clare Contae an Chláir
County town Ennis
• Local authority Clare County Council
• Dáil constituency Clare

Is Clare SA a good place to live?

“A lovely country retreat with great food and wine” Surrounded by vineyards and with a number of cellar doors, Clare is firmly on the tourist track. There are lots of restaurants, pubs and B&Bs in the region, which has helped it to develop quite a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

How was South Australia named?

The main idea is that “South Australia” simply sounded better than “Southern Australia.” Believe it or not, the state isn’t the southernmost state. Not too many people know that this island state was discovered in 1642 by Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman. This is how the state got its name.

What is Clare Valley known for?

One of the major wine regions in South Australia, the Clare Valley is best known for its world-class riesling. Link Copied! A fertile wine region two hours north of Adelaide, the Clare Valley is home to some of the most awarded wineries in the country.

What wine is Clare Valley known for?

Celebrated for its Rieslings, the Clare Valley also produces world-class reds, including Shiraz and Cabernet. Other varietals include Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Semillon, Grenache, Mourvedre, Tempranillo and Malbec. Estate-grown fruit accounts for about half of the Clare Valley’s total production.

What is the definition of Clare?

Clare as a girl’s name (also used as boy’s name Clare), is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Clare is “bright, famous”.

What is Clare famous for?

County Clare is renowned for its legacy in traditional Irish music and is home to an abundance of visual riches and spectacular scenery. Clare is located on the far west coast of Ireland, bordered by Galway Bay to the north, Lough Derg to the east, the River Shannon to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Is Clare Valley worth visiting?

A tight community and a rich heritage is evident in Clare Valley; it’s one of the most historic regions in South Australia. The region is full with small local businesses, including excellent family friendly restaurants and intimate boutique wine experiences.

Who was the first person in Adelaide?

Aboriginal Time The first human inhabitants of Adelaide was the local aboriginal community, the Kaurna tribe. Their land spread from Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains, naming the land ‘Tarntanya’, translating to red kangaroo place. The area was one a simple, open grassy plain with patches of trees and shrubs throughout.

Who first discovered Adelaide?

The city was founded on the last day of 1836, when the surveyor-general of the incipient colony, William Light, fixed its location about 12 kilometres inland on the eastern shore of Gulf St Vincent.

Is Clare Valley cool climate?

Clare’s climate is Mediterranean with typically warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters. While summer in the Clare Valley is technically warm, maritime breezes have a moderating effect, and there are often drastic temperature drops from day to night.