Who scored the opening goal of the 2010 World Cup?

Who scored the opening goal of the 2010 World Cup?

Siphiwe Tshabalala got the 2010 FIFA World Cup underway in the first most perfect way imaginable. In the first World Cup finals game to ever be played in Africa, Tshabalala marked the occasion with one of those special goals where everyone remembers where they were when it hit the net.

How do you do the Tshabalala celebration on FIFA 21?

Known in-game as the Dance and Spin, you can trigger the celebration by holding down the right trigger and then flicking the right stick twice to the right. Four players will line up and then copy Siphiwe Tshabalala’s iconic moves.

What is Siphiwe Tshabalala current team?

What is Siphiwe Tshabalala’s current team? After a one year contract at BB Erzurumspor in 2020, he came back to join the Amakhosi.

Who scored the first goal for South Africa in the soccer World Cup?

Benni McCarthy
Benni McCarthy scored South Africa’s first ever goal in the World Cup when he received the ball on the edge of the penalty box before shooting low left footed through the legs of Peter Schmeichel to level the match.

How many trophies has SA won?

South Africa is also one of the most successful teams in ODI cricket, winning more than 60 per cent of their matches. However, the 1998 Champions Trophy is its sole success in ICC-organised tournaments….South Africa national cricket team.

Tests Played Won/Lost
Total 452 174/154 (124 draws)
This year 6 5/1 (0 draws)

What does Tshabalala mean?

Tshabalala Surname Definition: “Decay” or “Perish” in Xosa. Read More About This Surname.

Why is 7-1 a Brazil?

Well, the simple answer is that Brazil was missing both Neymar Jr. and Thiago Silva for their semifinal matchup with Germany. Neymar was absent through injury after he sustained a fractured vertebra when the Colombian defender, Juan Zuniga kneed him in the back during their quarterfinal match.

Is Tshabalala’s goal the best of his career?

But that goal is one that Tshabalala will never forget as he recalls it 10 years on. “I have scored a lot of good goals in my career, but there is no doubt that one is the best,” the 35-year-old, who spent 12 years at his boyhood club Kaizer Chiefs, told Reuters.

When did Siphiwe Tshabalala score for’All Africa’?

It’s been exactly 10 years since Siphiwe Tshabalala scored a goal for “all Africa”. In the opening match of the 2010 World Cup, Bafana Bafana midfielder put hosts South Africa 1-0 against Mexico with a terrific strike with his left foot.

What happened to Tshabalala’s mother Hadi?

Tshabalala’s mother Rebecca Hadifele “Hadi” Makhubu (1965–2010) died on Sunday, 5 December 2010 after a head injury after falling at a bridal shower which she was attending with Tshabalala’s father Isaac.