Who owns Legacy Salmon Creek hospital?

Who owns Legacy Salmon Creek hospital?

Legacy Health
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center is an acute care hospital in Vancouver, Washington, United States. It is part of Legacy Health, a locally owned, nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon. Legacy Salmon Creek opened in 2005 as the first hospital built in Washington state in almost 20 years.

Is Legacy Health Only in Oregon?

Legacy Health is a non-profit hospital system located in Portland, Oregon, United States. It consists of six primary-care hospitals, a children’s hospital, and allied clinics and outpatient facilities….Legacy Health.

Type Not-for-profit healthcare, not-for-profit hospitals
Website Legacy Health

How many beds does Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital 2211 Northeast 139th Street Vancouver, WA 98686
Total Staffed Beds: 166
Total Patient Revenue: $1,211,770,226
Total Discharges: 12,438
Total Patient Days: 52,044

How many beds does Legacy Emanuel have?

554Legacy Emanuel Medical Center / Number of beds

Who owns Vancouver Clinic?

The Vancouver Clinic is independent and physician owned. Just this year, the clinic added 45 new physicians, and has seen double digit growth each of the past three years.

How many employees does Vancouver Clinic have?

1,200 employees
Today, at 12 locations strong, Vancouver Clinic is the largest private, multispecialty clinic in Clark County. With more than 1,200 employees and 400 providers, we are also one of the largest employers in the region and a powerhouse for the local economy.

Is Legacy Health part of OHSU?

Under the agreement, all Legacy outpatient Medical Oncology infusion clinics will be managed by OHSU. With that change, an estimated 18 Legacy positions will be transferred to OHSU.

What are the names of the hospitals in Vancouver Washington?

The Best 10 Hospitals in Vancouver, WA

  1. Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center.
  2. PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.
  3. SW Washington Medical Center.
  4. Kaiser Permanente Mill Plain One Medical Office.
  5. PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center.
  6. Providence Portland Medical Center.
  7. Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.

Is the Vancouver Clinic a non profit?

The Vancouver Clinic is independent and physician owned.

How many people work at the Vancouver Clinic?

Who owns Vancouver clinic?

When was the Vancouver clinic founded?

The Vancouver Clinic began in 1936 as the vision of two hardworking physicians who traveled dirt roads, rain or shine, to deliver Clark County’s babies. Since then, we’ve grown into Southwest Washington’s largest independent health care provider, with nearly 40 medical specialties at five locations across Clark County.

Is Adventist Health part of OHSU?

Adventist Health Portland is part of OHSU Health.

Does OHSU accept PacificSource?

PacificSource and Legacy Health Welcome OHSU Health to the Navigator Network. (Portland, Ore.) November 19, 2021— PacificSource Health Plans and its health system partner Legacy Health announce that OHSU Health will become a part of PacificSource’s Navigator network effective January 1, 2022.

What are the Level 1 trauma centers in Washington state?

The adult and pediatric trauma center at Harborview Medical Center is the only center in Washington state for level 1 care—the highest level of comprehensive care for major injuries.

What is the busiest emergency room on the West Coast?

The Salem ER
The Salem ER is the busiest on the West Coast between Los Angeles and the Canadian border.

How many employees does Vancouver clinic have?