Who is the fastest winger in Premier League?

Who is the fastest winger in Premier League?

Antonio Rudiger
Top 5 Fastest Premier League Players

Player Team Top speed
1. Antonio Rudiger Chelsea 36.7 km/h
2. Mo Salah Liverpool 36.6 km/h
3. Ibrahima Konate Liverpool 36.2 km/h
=4. Ollie Watkins Aston Villa 36.1 km/h

Who is the fastest footballer 2021?

Premier League’s fastest player for 2021-22 season revealed as Rudiger surprisingly records higher top speed than Salah. Chelsea centre-back Antonio Rudiger has been clocked as having the highest top speed of any player in the Premier League so far this season.

Which player has 99 pace?

A clip of Steve Bruce in FIFA 22 has gone viral thanks to the Newcastle manager’s blistering pace. FIFA 22 has officially entered early access, and some of the things those lucky enough to have already played the game have discovered are downright hilarious.

Who has 99 pace FIFA 22?

Highest Pace Players – FIFA 22

OVR Player PAC
99 Cristiano Ronaldo LW PAC 99
96 Timo Werner RF PAC 99
96 Vinícius Júnior LW PAC 99
94 Kylian Mbappé ST PAC 99

What is Thierry Henry top speed?

Thierry Henry holds the record for one of the fastest top speeds ever recorded in a major league, clocking in at 39.2km/h in 1998. Dazzling pace was one of the former Arsenal striker’s greatest weapons – just ask ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher.

How fast is the world’s fastest winger?

FIFA claim the Bayern Munich winger reached 37km/h as he hit top gear in the Netherlands’ 5-1 thrashing of Spain during the 2014 World Cup group stages. A fair old effort for a veteran winger, but it’s slightly farfetched to believe he’s still faster than some of his younger peers.

Who is the fastest soccer player in the world?

The pacey winger has already joined the ranks of the fastest soccer players in the world, having hit the 21.75 mph mark in his previous Premier League game. At just 22 years of age, Tella certainly has the potential for higher speeds in the coming years.

What are the best soccer drills for a winger?

Soccer drills for a winger 1 Any individual dribbling drills or those that focus on carrying the ball at pace over longer distances are valuable. 2 Crossing drills. 3 Drills that focus on attacking play in wide areas using wingers and full backs provide game like practice of creating… More

How to be a good winger in soccer?

For a team to be well-organised defensively, wingers should be tucked in narrow alongside their neighboring central midfielder. This makes it harder for the opposition to break the team down by reducing the space in central areas. Another aspect of a winger’s game is to support their fullback on the same side of the pitch defensively.