Who is the best defensive end in NFL history?

Who is the best defensive end in NFL history?

Reggie White
1. Reggie White. The “Minister of Defense” is widely considered the greatest defensive lineman to ever play the game.

Who is the best defensive end in the NFL 2022?

2022 NFL Defensive Line Rankings

  1. San Francisco 49ers. Projected Starters: Dee Ford, Javon Kinlaw, Arik Armstead, Nick Bosa.
  2. Los Angeles Rams. A’Shawn Robinson, Greg Gaines, Aaron Donald.
  3. New Orleans Saints.
  4. Indianapolis Colts.
  5. Philadelphia Eagles.
  6. Washington Commanders.
  7. Green Bay Packers.
  8. Carolina Panthers.

Who is the best NFL Defensive Player 2021?

Sacks remain king for crowning Defensive Player of the Year, and Watt led the NFL in QB takedowns and QB hits (39) in 2021. He also tied for first with 21 tackles for loss and tied for fifth with five forced fumbles.

Who is favored as DPOY?

Rudy Gobert remains the betting favorite almost by default after winning DPOY three of the last four seasons, but he’s never really pulled away as a favorite this year and is still around even odds at most books. This award feels wide open with a month to go.

Who is the best CB ever in the NFL?

25 Greatest Defensive Backs in NFL History

  • Charles Woodson, Cornerback/Safety. Oakland Raiders 1998-2005, ’13-15; Green Bay 2006-12.
  • Mike Haynes, Cornerback.
  • Emlen Tunnell, Cornerback.
  • Steve Atwater, Safety.
  • Troy Polamalu, Safety.
  • Darrelle Revis, Cornerback.
  • Mel Renfro, Cornerback.
  • Ty Law, Cornerback.

Who is the best LB in NFL history?

Lawrence Taylor He is not only the greatest linebacker in NFL history, he’s one of the game’s greatest players period. Taylor is one of only two defensive players (DT Alan Page, 1971) in the history of the NFL to be named NFL MVP. He is the only linebacker to ever take the honor.

Who will win DPOY 2021?

TJ Watt
Past DPOY Winners

Season DPOY Winner Pos
2021 TJ Watt EDGE
2020 Aaron Donald DL
2019 Stephon Gilmore CB
2018 Aaron Donald DT

Has anyone won DPOY as a rookie?

Taylor is the only player to win the award as a rookie, doing so in 1981. In 2008, James Harrison became the only undrafted free agent to win the award. White is the only player to win the award with two different teams, winning in 1987 with the Philadelphia Eagles and again with the Green Bay Packers in 1998. J. J.