Who is lore master?

Who is lore master?

Loremaster is an antagonist to Subject 67 in Examtaker. She is also the future side of Azazel and the new ruler of Hell, as well as the master of its fallen queen Lucifer.

Can lore masters heal?

A LM can “heal” not only via healing skills, but also by debuffing and crowd control. Most of what people are talking about refers to gear from levels 65 to 75. By the time you get close to those levels, RoR should be well underway, with a new level cap, new gear and new skills.

How did Azazel turn into loremaster?

Sometime later, having completely fallen yet still believing herself to be a pure angel, Azazel has taken over Hell and began trying to create her own artificial demon using a human for scientific purposes with a new name and title of Loremaster, the Science Demon.

Who is the angel in Helltaker?

Azazel is the sixth character encountered in Helltaker. Azazel differs from the rest of the cast by being an angel.

How did justice become blind Helltaker?

Justice is one of the many characters encountered in Helltaker. She is the former High Prosecutor of Hell who is implied to have gone blind during her fight with Beelzebub.

Do you need loremaster on one character?

You do NOT need to complete this achievement on one character to get the Loremaster Colors (tabard). Simply go to any tabard vendor on any character.

What gender is Azazel?

As has been mentioned, in the Bible, Azazel is referred to as being masculine, although demons aren’t technically male or female. It’s the same as how God is referred to as masculine, with the title “God the Father”.

What is the role of a lore master?

The primary role of a Lore-master is to support his allies and weaken his enemies to gain the advantage on the battlefield: He is the undisputed master of crowd-control, with abilities to stun, daze and root opponents.

What is the default skill range for lore master?

Default Skills Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Wind-lore AoE Debuff 5s 40m Knowledge of the Lore-master Debuff 1m 40m Clever Escape Cure 2m Self Friend of Nature Pet (Bog-lurker) None Self

Can a lore master wear a brooch?

A Lore-master can only wear Light Armour and use staves as a weapon (at level 40 you gain access to a sword). From level 20 on, you can carry a Book of lore in your class slot and a brooch in your ranged item slot.

How important are pets for a lore-master?

First of all, pets are very important allies of a Lore-master. They engage enemies and make sure their master won’t have to enter close-combat and can focus on debuffing, AoE and/or DPS.