Who has won the Albertsons Monopoly game?

Who has won the Albertsons Monopoly game?

resident Elisa Fischer
On Wednesday a small crowd gathered outside the Phoenix Albertsons celebrated the Rogue Valley’s newest millionaire. Medford resident Elisa Fischer, who has been playing the monopoly game for three years, won the $1 million grand prize.

Will there be a Safeway Monopoly 2022?

“Unfortunately, we will not be offering the Monopoly game this year in our stores,” an Albertsons (owner of Safeway) spokesperson confirmed to Coupons in the News, without offering any specifics about why.

Is Albertsons still doing Monopoly?

Sadly, Monopoly isn’t happening in 2022 for Safeway/Albertsons & their affiliates like Vons, Ranlls, Acme, Tom Thumb, and more. Update: There is a new Safeway/Albertsons digital game for June & July of 2022. Win some great prizes now by playing Flavor Adventure! Go here to read all about it.

Who won Albertsons Monopoly 2021?

schoolteacher Elisa Fischer
Jackson County, OR — Medford schoolteacher Elisa Fischer became the first person in Oregon’s history to win the $1 million prize at the Monopoly “Shop, Play, Win” promotion, from the Albertson’s on Phoenix Rd.

Can I still claim Monopoly prizes?

Although McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 came to an end on October 5, there is still time to collect certain prizes. Sadly, this only applies to Instant Win food prizes and non-food prizes. Prizes won in the online game had to be collected by October 5, 2021.

Has anyone actually win Safeway Monopoly?

DENVER (CBS4) — A Denver mom won a Monopoly game — and picked up a million-dollar prize! Lori M.

When did Monopoly end?

McDonald’s Monopoly kicked off on August 25, 2021, and ended on October 5, 2021. The game returned after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, it was due to resume on March 25, 2020, but was pushed back.

Is Safeway still playing Monopoly?

Though the game officially ends on May 4, you can still redeem game pieces and coupons through May 27.

Is McDonalds Monopoly still valid?

McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 launched on Wednesday 25 August and finishes on 5 October. However, prizes can still be claimed, with some running until November.

Has Safeway won 2020 Monopoly?

The rest of the winners have not yet been revealed for the 2020 game. The rest winners for the 2020 Safeway Monopoly game have not yet been revealed!…Safeway Monopoly 2018 – Jewel-Osco.

Name State Prize
Suzanne D. IL $10,000 Cash
Mark G. IL $5,913 Progressive Jackpot
Wendy V. IL $5,000 Instant Win Cash

What are the winning Safeway Monopoly pieces?

Rare Safeway Monopoly Pieces (2020)

Prize Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces Odds With 1 Game Ticket
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries L653B 1,473,336: 1
$250 Grocery Gift Card K649B 1,105,002: 1
$100 Grocery Gift Card H641A 442,001: 1
$50 Grocery Gift Card G635C 221,000: 1

Are Monopoly stickers still valid?

It’s because they were printed before the competition was re-scheduled due to the pandemic, so Maccy’s fans should simply ignore the dates. Pieces which show a “play until” date of May 4, 2021, will still be valid until October 5, 2021.

Has anyone actually win Safeway monopoly?