Which is the 1 largest city in India?

Which is the 1 largest city in India?


Rank City State or union territory
1 Mumbai Maharashtra
2 Delhi Delhi
3 Bangalore Karnataka
4 Hyderabad Telangana

What are India’s 3 largest cities?

5 of the Largest Cities in India

  • The Largest City in India – Mumbai. © Aliaksei/stock.adobe.com.
  • The Second Largest City in India – Delhi. © saiko3p/stock.adobe.com.
  • Cities in India – Bangalore. © ttinu/stock.adobe.com.
  • Cities in India – Hyderabad. © SNEHIT/stock.adobe.com.
  • Cities in India – Ahmedabad.

Which is the red city?

The “red city” of the title is a reference to the red brick used for many of Philadelphia’s public and private buildings in the eighteenth century. The book depicts the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793, which engulfed the city.

Which is the Big 50 cities in India?

India is the second largest country in the world after China. There are 4,000 cities and towns in India. About 300 cities have population over 1,00,000. Seven cities have population more than 3 million. Greater Mumbai still is the most populated city in its 440 sq. Km. area followed by Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.

What are the 5 largest cities in India?

What Are the 5 Largest Cities in India? Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. This post is also available in: Deutsch (German) # City State. 1 Mumbai Maharashtra. 2 Delhi Delhi. 3 Bangalore Karnataka

What is the largest city in India by population?

– Delhi has 17 million residents, about 4–5 million more than the next largest 12 million in Mumbai. – Delhi’s area is 1457 km² and second largest city in terms of area is Bangalore at 741 km². Mumbai is even lower. – In terms of number of vehicles Delhi has more vehicles than the next three or four combined. Delhi now has close to 8 million vehicles whi

What are the most important cities in India?

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