Which holly is best for hedge?

Which holly is best for hedge?

Tight growers such as Japanese hollies and Meserve hollies (also known as blue hollies) make good hedges, as do English hollies, whose spiny leaves provide a useful barrier. For a thick, dense hedge, prune regularly.

How fast does a holly hedge grow?

approximately 10-15cm each year
Holly hedges plants have a slow growth rate of approximately 10-15cm each year.

Can holly be grown as a hedge?

So whether you want a practical hedge with screening properties, beautiful foliage, year round cover, seasonal interest or to utilise as an effective addition to a garden design or mixed hedgerow and will thrive in difficult conditions, Holly is the perfect hardy hedge plant for you.

Is holly a good hedge?

Holly is an excellent evergreen hedging plant not only because of its glossy, prickly leaves and beautiful berries but also because it is low-maintenance. Unlike other hedging plants, holly grows slowly, needing infrequent pruning.

How far apart do you plant holly for a hedge?

HEDGE Trim late summer. For hedges 3-15ft (0.9-4.6m). Plant 1.5-2ft (45-60cm) apart. TREE 18ft x 10ft (5.5m x 3m) in 20 years, ultimate height 65ft (20m).

How do you maintain a holly hedge?

They grow best in full sun but tolerate partial shade well. Established plants require no attention other then an annual prune to shape. Most holly types can initially be grown in pots and containers for five years although after that they may require frequent pruning to keep them healthy and to size.

How far apart should you plant holly for a hedge?

Holly Hedge Planting and Density Maintain the same level of soil as the plant had in its pot. Depending on the variety, plant them 6 inches apart if they are small cultivars and from 18 to 30 inches apart for larger varieties.

How do you thicken a holly hedge?

ANSWER: It’s best not to prune a holly tree in the first three to four years of its life. Let it establish itself and the leaves help to do this. When you do prune it, and this will tend to thicken it up, the advice to do it in mid-April is correct.

How long does it take for holly to grow?

Growing holly from seed can be difficult as the seed germination is slow, requiring anywhere from sixteen months to three years. In addition, it can take another three years before the holly shrubs produce any flowers.

How do you plant a holly hedge?

Mix in more organic matter with the excavated soil and fill in the planting hole. Water in well, apply a granular general feed over the soil around the tree and add a 5-7.5cm (2-3in) deep mulch of well-rotted garden compost or bark chippings around the root area. Plant 60cm (2ft) apart if you want to make a hedge.

What is the best Holly for a hedge?

– USDA Growing Zones: 3–9 – Color Varieties: Dark green glossy leaves; profuse bright red berries – Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade – Soil Needs: Moist, well-drained, slightly acidic; good tolerance for poorly drained soils

How to plant a holly hedge?

The best time to prune holly is in late winter.

  • Do not prune in the fall or you will not enjoy its pretty red berries.
  • Use gloves because its prickles can hurt you.
  • Avoid putting the holly in the compost because its leaves are very tough and will take a long time to compost.
  • How fast do holly hedges grow?

    Its dense growth will ensure privacy, and is ideal for shaping. It’s also very fast growing – 30 to 60cm per year is to be expected, particularly if you use a plant feed – which means that it will need pruning several times a year to keep it under control and looking its best.

    How to trim overgrown holly trees?

    – The best time to prune a deciduous holly is in spring as it produces optimal berry growth. – For evergreen hollies, prune in the dead of winter when they’re dormant – try pruning in December and using the branches as a holiday decor. – Tend to holly shrubs that are diseased or have broken wood as soon as you recognize that the shrub has health issues.