Which band is best for boys?

Which band is best for boys?

Without further ado, here’s our list of Top 10 Boy Bands!

  • Big Time Rush. You can’t think of this quartet without hearing those melodic “Oh, oh, oh, ooooooh’s” in your head.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer.
  • Boyz II Men.
  • New Kids on the Block.
  • Jonas Brothers.
  • The Jackson 5.
  • BTS.
  • One Direction.

Who was the biggest boy band in 2011?

the Backstreet Boys
2011 was an incredible year for anyone who was a teen in the ’90s because the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block embarked on a joint tour, forming the super-group known as NKOTBSB.

Who is the boyband of the decade?

One Direction beats BTS to become the Best Boy Band of the Decade; DEETS INSIDE. A polling website pitted One Direction against BTS; the winner of which would be crowned as the Best Boy Band of the Decade. The final results are out and Directioners have come out on top for 1D, well after their hiatus in 2015.

When did boy bands become popular?

The earliest “bands” were probably barbershop quartets in the 19th century and the doo-wop groups of the 1950s. But starting in the early ’60s when the Beatles hit the pop charts for the first time, boy bands started to become big musical business.

Are boy bands making a comeback?

As the boy band era ended, Nick Lachey inked a reality TV deal, Justin Timberlake moved into acting, and most band members waited in the wings, ready to jump on a comeback whenever opportunity knocked. But in the last few years, with bands like the Jonas Brothers and One Direction taking center stage, we’ve seen a resurgence of boy band love.

Is one direction the best-selling boy band of all time?

Since that time, One Direction has become one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. The group’s first four albums all topped the U.S. album chart and earned platinum certification for sales. Three of their singles—”Live While We’re Young,” “Best Song Ever,” and “Drag Me Down”—all debuted inside the top 3 on the U.S. pop singles chart.