Where was the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin?

Where was the Gestapo headquarters in Berlin?

In 1905 an extension building of the Museum of Decorative Arts was erected adjacent to the Martin-Gropius-Bau on Prinz-Albrecht-Straße 8. From May 1933 this building served as the headquarters of the Gestapo created by the order of Hermann Göring, where many political prisoners were tortured and executed.

Where was the Gestapo headquarters located?

Gestapo headquarters in Rome, Italy.

Where was Himmler’s office?

The SS Main Office (German: SS-Hauptamt; SS-HA) was the central command office of the Schutzstaffel (SS) in Nazi Germany until 1940….SS Main Office.

Agency overview
Jurisdiction Germany Occupied Europe
Headquarters Prinz-Albrecht-Straße, Berlin
Minister responsible Heinrich Himmler, (1935–1945)

What happened Gestapo headquarters?

The buildings that housed the Gestapo and SS headquarters were largely destroyed by Allied bombing during early 1945 and the ruins demolished after the war.

Where was the Gestapo headquarters in Paris?

84 Avenue Foch
About 84 Avenue Foch Number 84 Avenue Foch became the main headquarters for the German Gestapo during World War Two.

Where was the SS headquarters in ww2?


Agency overview
Jurisdiction Nazi Germany German-occupied Europe
Headquarters Prinz-Albrecht-Straße, Berlin 52°30′26″N 13°22′57″E
Employees 800,000 ( c. 1944)
Reichsführer responsible Heinrich Himmler (longest serving) Julius Schreck (first) Karl Hanke (last)

Who lives on Avenue Foch Paris?

84 Avenue Foch Today Among those who live there are the Rothschilds and Onassis families. Though it may no longer be home to the horrors of the Gestapo, a wander down the picturesque street along with a little imagination can evoke a sensation of Paris’ turbulent past.

Who is Avenue Foch named after?

World War I Marshal Ferdinand Foch
Avenue Foch (French pronunciation: ​[avny fɔʃ]) is an avenue in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, France, named after World War I Marshal Ferdinand Foch in 1929.

Where was the Gestapo headquarters located in Berlin?

Gestapo headquarters at 8 Prinz Albrecht Street in Berlin (1933) In January 1933, Hermann Göring, Hitler’s minister without portfolio, was appointed the head of the Prussian Police and began filling the political and intelligence units of the Prussian Secret Police with Nazi Party members.

What was the Gestapo?

As an instrument of Nazi power, terror, and repression, the Gestapo operated throughout occupied Europe.

When did the Gestapo become part of the Reich Main Security Office?

On 27 September 1939, the security and police agencies of Nazi Germany—with the exception of the Orpo—were consolidated into the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA), headed by Heydrich. The Gestapo became Amt IV (Department IV) of RSHA and Müller became the Gestapo Chief, with Heydrich as his immediate superior.

What happened in the cellar of Gestapo headquarters?

The cellar of the Gestapo headquarters, where many political prisoners were tortured and executed, was found and excavated. The site was then turned into a memorial and museum, in the open air but protected from the elements by a canopy, detailing the history of repression under the Nazis.