Where is Yamir now?

Where is Yamir now?

In 2017, Yamir—who ended up moving to Los Angeles—told Instagram followers “there’s no hate” between him and Chelsea. He currently is pursuing a career as a singer-songwriter. Chelsea has since remarried, saying “I Do” to her husband Daniel in April.

Is Yamir and Chelsea still married?

However, fans soon learned that the real reason for their divorce was Chelsea’s bisexuality. However, Chelsea and Yamir parted ways amicably, and still remain cordial five years after separating. Now, 90 Day Fiancé alum Chelsea has tied to knot with her long-distance beau, Dani.

Are Cassie and Jason still together?

Jason Hitch & Cassia Tavares Cássia met Jason through Facebook while she was still dating one of his friends. When that relationship ended, Jason made his move. The pair separated in 2017 and later filed for divorce the next year.

Does Yamir have a music career?

He is a helicopter mechanic in a long-distance relationship. Chelsea also worked as a general manager at a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs for two years. Meanwhile, Yamir now has a Green Card and is a full-time musician in Chicago.

Is Justin and Evelyn still together?

Justin & Evelyn Halas The duo fell in love on season 2 of the TLC reality show — and are still going strong. In September 2020, Evelyn announced the birth of her first child with Justin, a baby boy, after nearly six years of marriage.

Is Cassia pregnant 90 Day Fiancé?

She also said that the producers had apparently asked her to take a pregnancy test on camera, though they knew she was not pregnant. Cassia is now remarried and happy with her husband. It is unlikely that she will return to TLC.

Is Mohamed Jbali still in the US?

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Mohamed Jbali has said goodbye to his apartment in Austin, Texas, and is currently calling Indianapolis, Indiana, his new home! In a June 2020 Instagram post, he wrote in the caption of the snap of himself, “Memories of good days, Austin Texas, miss it.”

Why did Jason divorce Cassia?

Cassia and Jason got divorced in 2018, when she moved back to Brazil before returning to the US for school. He blamed the end of their marriage on “lack of communication”, as reported by Radar Online.

What happened to Yamir and Chelsea on TLC’s Love Island?

The cracks did show with Chelsea and Yamir, thanks to their different ideas about a wedding and Yamir wanting to move to Chicago for his music career, but the TLC couple’s divorce still came as a shock. It was much later revealed by Chelsea herself that her discovering she was queer had led to her romance with Yamir ending.

Are Chelsea Houska & husband Yamir still together?

In April, she revealed on Instagram that she married her now-husband Dani. “It was divinely planned and simply perfect just as it was,” she wrote alongside three intimate photos from their special day. Despite no longer being together, it seems Chelsea and Yamir have happily gone their separate ways and have each found what brings them joy.

Are Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo from 90 Day Fiancé still together?

As the very much in love couple of 90 Day Fiancé season 2, Chelsea Macek and Yamir Castillo broke many hearts when they announced their divorce in 2016. Fans still remember Yamir as the show’s only pop star, and his love story with Chelsea was straight out of a YA novel.