Where can I find the dog tallow witcher 1?

Where can I find the dog tallow witcher 1?

Salamandra bodies
Dog tallow is actually required for a quest: The Dogcatcher of Vizima. It can be found in many places, but Salamandra bodies are a good bet, as is Shani’s house, though the exact location within Shani’s house varies.

How do you make your dog tallow?

The kindest way to get the dog tallow is to search containers and Salamandra remains for it because, in the course of the game no dogs attack you. If you just can not be patient, at night, because locations are considered “dangerous”, you can draw your weapon.

Where are the wolves in The Witcher 1?

Wolves can be found in the swamp cave. They can also be found north of the Druids’ grove and near the Golem burial ground. Save an extra wolf pelt for a sexual encounter with Morenn.

Where are Echinops found in swamps?

You can find plenty of echinops in the swamp. The easiest way to find them is in the central part of the swamp at midnight. Collect the desired amount of rootstocks and return for a reward.

Where can I find dog tallow Witcher 3?

It can be purchased from the following merchants:

  • Herbalist at the roadside shrine in White Orchard.
  • Tomira in White Orchard.

Who is guilty in vizima confidential?

The autopsy will lead you to one of three conclusions: that Kalkstein or Ramsmeat is guilty (incorrect), or that Maarloeve is dead and Azar Javed has been impersonating him (correct). You can also come to the latter conclusion by completing the quest A Gravedigger’s Gratitude.

Is Geralt a wolf?

Geralt’s is the white wolf because his skin is incredibly fair and his hair. In the series, witchers are well known and feared by most people. They are seen as abominations and created to kill monsters. They are often grumpy and emotionless.

Why do witchers get eaten by wolves?

They felt it was the only way to secure their community against those who hated them. However, this scheme was discovered by the very anti-Witcher sorcerer, Tetra Gilcrest, and she rallied an army of angry peasants and hybrids to attack Kaer Morhen and exterminate the Witchers as if they were rats, not people.

How do you fight Echinops?

The only way to defeat all the echinopsae and archespores there is to kill the central one first, using as much IGNI as possible (silver strong style as backup), then hide behind one of the walls and try to reduce their numbers one by one. Archespore and echinops are also subject of several monster-slaying quests.

Where can I find Ducal water Witcher 3?


Ingredient Location
Dog Tallow Kill wolves or wild dogs. Buy From Herbalist East of Sawmill, White Orchard
Drowner Brain Harvest from dead creature
Drowner’s Tongue Harvest from dead creature
Ducal Water Commonly found. Buy From Herbalist East of Sawmill, White Orchard or in Rannvaig

Why is Gerald bald Witcher?

There may be more to Geralt’s bald head than you think As TheGamer.com’s Daniel Lobato explained, “His natural hair color isn’t white, it only turned white due to the stress placed on his body from the increased amount of mutagens he was given during his Trial of Grasses.”

Where can I find Echinops in Witcher?