What would cause a fuel pump fuse to keep blowing?

What would cause a fuel pump fuse to keep blowing?

There are three main reasons why a fuel pump fuse might blow; a bad fuel pump, a bad fuel pressure regulator, or electrical problems.

What to do if fuse keeps blowing?

If the panel fuse blows, call an experienced electrician immediately. For your own safety, don’t go near the fuse box. Getting rid of the fuse panel or swapping it for a modern circuit breaker is the wisest thing to do.

Why do my fuses keep popping?

Another thing that will cause your auto fuses to blow is if you insert the wrong fuses into your automobile’s fuse box. Any fuse that has a higher amperage than what the circuit allows for will blow the fuse out. This, too, is a safety mechanism to prevent an electrical fire.

Why is my fuel pump not working on my car?

You should also check to see whether the fuel pump is only device on the fused circuit. If not, check the other loads on the fuel pump circuit as those other loads could be causing the problem (the overload). To check that refer to wiring diagram in Factory Service Manual.

Where is the fuel pump fuse located on The ECMI?

The fuse is located in the slot marked ECMI. How do I find out if it is the pump, the relay, or anything else? I am assuming there is a short somewhere. I thought maybe I pinched a wire and am arcing out somewhere. There is one black wire and two other wires coming off the tank where I am assuming the fuel pump is.

How does a power pump fuse work?

Fuses are over current protection devices which means that you either have a short to ground (possibly intermittent) somewhere in the circuit or enough added resistance in the circuit that the current drawn by the pump is enough to blow the fuse.

Why is my power steering relay fuse blowing?

The fuse that is blowing is the one that operates the relay, not the pump circuit. – the relay always has power (key on) and the ECM switches the ground. Old school method I always use in these instances is replace the fuse with a higher amp re-setting fuse like on electric window motors or electric seats!