What show was Frankie Muniz on?

What show was Frankie Muniz on?

Malcolm in the Middle2000 – 2006The Fairly OddParents2001 – 2017Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!2015Punk’D2003 – 2012Moville Mysteries2002 – 2003Dancing with the Stars: Juni…2018
Frankie Muniz/TV shows

How old is Frankie Muniz now?

36 years (December 5, 1985)Frankie Muniz / Age

What was Paul Muni real name?

Frederich Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund
Paul Muni (born Frederich Meshilem Meier Weisenfreund; September 22, 1895– August 25, 1967) was an Austro-Hungarian American stage and film actor who grew up in Chicago. Muni was a five-time Academy Award nominee, with one win. He started his acting career in the Yiddish theater.

What does Frankie Muniz suffer from?

He had his first concussion when he was seven years old while playing goalie in a soccer game. Muniz was believed to have experienced severe memory loss after suffering multiple concussions and mini-strokes. Throughout his young life, he’s had nine concussions.

Who was Paul Muni married to?

Bella FinkelPaul Muni / Spouse (m. 1921–1967)

Who played Chopin?

CHOPIN: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS Dinu Lipatti, pianist (EMI Classics 5 86826-2; two CDs).

  • FOR the most part Vladimir Horowitz is not among my preferred Chopin pianists.
  • A pianist who can play the 24 Chopin Études can play anything.
  • ÉTUDES Vladimir Ashkenazy, pianist (Decca 414 127; CD).
  • Steve Smith.

Who played the piano in A Song to Remember?

One of the scenes in “A Song to Remember” has a place in history, though not perhaps in Chopin’s, but that of another famous pianist. During a party, it is announced that Franz Liszt will play.

What was the cause of death of Paul Muni?

He was virtually inactive at the time of his death, on August 25, 1967, of a heart ailment, in his home in Santa Barbara, California. He was 71 years of age; his wife of 46 years, Bella, survived him; Mrs. Muni died in 1971.