What seven entries are required on all hazmat shipping papers?

What seven entries are required on all hazmat shipping papers?

If required, prepare a shipping paper that contains a description of the hazmat, including the UN identification number, proper shipping name, hazard class, and packing group, quantity, number and type of packages, emergency contact information, and a shipper’s certification.

What are the minimum markings on a non-bulk package?

Marking Non-bulk Packages In general, non-bulk packages of hazardous material must be marked with three pieces of information: Proper Shipping Name, Identification number, and. Either the consignee’s or consignor’s name and address, i.e., the “to” or “from” address.

What is a limited quantity label?

LIMITED QUANTITY LABEL (LQ MARK) FOR PACKAGES UNDER ADR & IMDG. The Limited Quantity Label (or LQ mark) is a diamond shaped symbol that is applied to packages to indicate that the products within the combination packaging are dangerous goods that are packaged in accordance with the Limited Quantity exemption.

What is the correct sequence for a basic hazmat shipping description?

SHIPPING DESCRIPTION An easy way to remember this sequence is to refer to the acronym “ISHP”: Identification Number, Shipping Name, Hazard Class or Division, and Packing Group. If a technical name is required, it must be placed in parentheses and listed after the Proper Shipping Name or Basic Description.

What is not considered bulk packages?

Non-bulk packaging is defined as packaging that has: A maximum capacity of 450L (119 gal.) or less as a receptacle for a liquid. A maximum net mass of 400kg (882 lbs.) or less and a maximum capacity of 450L (119 gal.) or less as a receptacle for a solid.

What is an example of a non-bulk package?

Common examples of non-bulk packaging include boxes, jerry cans and drums. Most smaller types of goods will be transported in non-bulk packaging.

What are the regulations require hazmat labels to be?

Hazard class labels must be durable and weather resistant. These labels must withstand without deterioration or change in color, a 30-day exposure to reasonable transport conditions.

What goes first on HazMat shipping papers?

Hazardous materials must be listed first on a shipping paper that also lists non-hazardous materials, or be written or highlighted in a clearly contrasting color.

What determines whether a package is bulk or non-bulk?

As a standard definition, “bulk” is considered to be over 119 gallons, or 450 liters, of liquid. Solids are measured differently. “Bulk” is legally defined as being over 882 pounds (400 kg) or having a volume of over 119 gallons.

What is considered a bulk delivery?

Bulk shipping is the transportation of goods in large quantity, usually not packed but loaded directly into a vessel. Such goods are grains, petroleum products, iron ore and more. These type of goods are referred to as bulk cargo. These are unpacked goods loaded onboard a vessel.

Is a 55 gallon drum considered bulk?

Non-Bulk Packaging: A 55-gallon drum used for containment of hazardous waste is an example of a non-bulk packaging.