What plane was Jetfire in Revenge of the Fallen?

Which Transformer movie has Jetfire?

What plane was Jetfire in Revenge of the Fallen?

SR-71 Blackbird spy plane
Legends class Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire transforms from a tiny SR-71 Blackbird spy plane to a sort of hunchback robot. In a bit of character design accuracy, his left arm has a cane.

Which Transformer movie has Jetfire?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Jetfire appears in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and transforms into a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. He is portrayed as a former Decepticon who becomes an Autobot because he did not believe in all the destruction and violence the Decepticons were dedicated to.

Who was the old transformer in Revenge of the Fallen?

Jetfire was an ancient and valiant Autobot, who was originally a servant of The Fallen as a Decepticon. But eventually he defected to the Autobots’ side after realizing the scale of the death and destruction The Fallen would bring.

What happened to Jetfire in War for Cybertron?

Jetfire recovered and rejoined the Autobots. He was often their intel agent, and helped take back Iacon, and locate Zeta Prime. However, their leader died shortly after his rescue.

What happened to jetfire in War for Cybertron?

Who plays Jetfire Transformers 2?

Mark RyanTransformers: Revenge of the FallenBrian DrummondTransformers: CybertronScott McNeilTransformers: ArmadaSusumu ChibaTransformers: Armada
Jetfire/Played by

What happened to Jetfire in war for Cybertron?

Was Jetfire a wrecker?

Jetfire remained a part of the Autobots, serving Ultra Magnus and the Wreckers as a long-range scout and recon expert during their guerilla tactics against Shockwave’s rule.

How powerful is the fusion cannon?

The Fusion Cannon is Megatron’s ultimate weapon, serving as a dominant part of his alternate mode. It is devastatingly powerful, as demonstrated by its removal of Ironhide’s head among other things. (It’s at least as powerful as Fortress Maximus’s hands.)

What happened to cemetery wind in Transformers?

However, unlike Cemetery Wind, the TRF ended up redeeming itself when they united with the Autobots to save the world from the Decepticons again. Afterwards, the TRF was disbanded and henceforth Cemetery Wind was officially no more.

What happened to Autobot Dino?

Dino and the other Autobots were forced to leave Earth when the turncoat Sentinel Prime coerced the human governments to exile their protectors. As it was leaving Earth’s atmosphere, the Autobot’s ship, the Xantium, was destroyed by Starscream, and Dino was presumably killed along with his fellow Autobots.

What is Megatron’s weapon?

The fusion cannon
The fusion cannon is Megatron’s signature weapon. It is attached to his right arm and is devastatingly powerful, as demonstrated by its sudden removal of Ironhide’s head. (It’s at least as powerful as Fortress Maximus’s hands in comparison.)

Is there a Transformers Revenge of the Fallen 2?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a 2009 American science fiction action film directed by Michael Bay and based on the Transformers toy line. It is the sequel to 2007’s Transformers, as well as the second installment in the live-action Transformers film series.

What was the original title of Transformers The Veiled Threat?

After the 2007 film, and serving as a bridge between the two films, Alan Dean Foster wrote Transformers: The Veiled Threat, originally titled Infiltration. During the writing, Foster collaborated with IDW to make sure their stories did not contradict each other.

Who made the original Revenge of the fallen?

The Wii and PlayStation 2 versions were developed by Krome Studios. The PlayStation Portable version was developed by Savage Entertainment. The Nintendo DS version was developed by Vicarious Visions, which is separated into two games, Autobots and Decepticons. Revenge of the Fallen premiered on June 8, 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.

Where was Revenge of the fallen filmed?

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