What mouthpiece did Charlie Parker use?

What mouthpiece did Charlie Parker use?

Charlie Parker is also known to have played a Brilhart Ebolin, a Runyon Model 22 and, perhaps surprisingly for an alto player of his style, a metal mouthpiece made by Selmer. He used very hard 4 strength reeds, although he may have begun using softer reeds in the 1950s.

What mouthpiece is best for trumpet?

Best Rated Trumpet Mouthpieces Reviews

  1. Selmer Bach K3513C Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  2. Yamaha YAC TR14A4A-HGPR Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  3. Schilke Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  4. Bach 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  5. Vincent Bach 3511C Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  6. Yamaha YAC SHEWLEAD Trumpet Mouthpiece.
  7. Yamaha YACTR14A4A Trumpet Mouthpiece.

What are the different types of trumpet mouthpieces?

Let’s take a look at each of these components and how they affect the overall tone and playability of an instrument.

  • Rim.
  • Cup.
  • Throat.
  • Backbore.
  • Alto horn mouthpieces.
  • Cornet mouthpieces.
  • Flugelhorn mouthpieces.
  • French Horn mouthpieces.

Is a 3c mouthpiece better than a 7C?

To the OP: Note that while the 3C is a tad shallower than the 7C which will give you a brighter sound, not necessarily “better”, its inner cup diameter is slightly bigger, so it won’t necessarily make for easier high notes. More practice and development makes for easier high notes.

Is a 3c mouthpiece bigger than a 7C?

Very slight size difference. Some might say a 3c improves their upper range. Some might say too much of an onus is put on mouthpiece choice.

What mouthpiece did Dexter Gordon use?

Dexter Gordon played on a Conn 10m and a Dukoff BD Hollywood tenor saxophone mouthpiece during the Blue Note era until the mid-sixties. There has always been a huge debate about which model BD Dukoff Dexter Played, the 1945 medium chamber or this 1949 large chamber model.

What mouthpiece did Paul Desmond use?

M. C. Gregory model 4A-18M hard
Desmond played a Selmer Super Balanced Action model alto saxophone coupled with an M. C. Gregory model 4A-18M hard rubber mouthpiece, both dating from circa 1951, with a moderately stiff Rico 3 ½ reed.

What mouthpiece did Johnny Hodges use?

Johnny Hodges used a Brilhart mouthpiece modified to implement a tenor reed. This gave him the ability to smear notes to an incredible minor 3rd.

What mouthpiece did Gerry Mulligan use?

This is Gerry Mulligan: Gerry famously played much of his career on a mouthpiece made by M.C. Gregory. This is an original M.C. Gregory baritone saxophone mouthpiece mold which was recently acquired by the Morgan Mouthpiece Company: Using our pure rubber formula,…

Who sounds like Paul Desmond?

Similar To

  • Bud Shank.
  • Dave Brubeck.
  • Gerry Mulligan.
  • Lee Konitz.
  • Zoot Sims.
  • Eric Kloss.
  • Scott Hamilton.
  • Stan Getz.

What mouthpiece does Vincent Herring use?

The Testimonial from Vincent Herring A New York Meyer 5 that I got from one of my saxophone teachers (Dave Peterson) in the late 1970’s. A prototype from Vandoren that ended up being 1 of the 3 hand made mouthpiece they used to make the current popular V16 in the 1990’s, and this new one made by Ken Okutsu in Japan.

What mouthpiece does Maceo Parker use?

Maceo plays a Selmer Mark VI, (which he has had goldplated) and a Brillard Eboline mouthpiece. He uses Vandoren Java 3 and a half reeds.

What mouthpiece does Saxologic use?

Saxologic’s alto saxophone mouthpiece by Syos.

How long do Sax mouthpieces last?

In general, mouthpieces DO wear down over time due to the normal wear and tear that it is subject to during performance, as well as breakdown from saliva. Even the reed vibration alone is enough to, over time, physically change a mouthpiece. On average, regular players seem to notice these changes after 2-3 years.

Are saxophone mouthpieces universal?

Saxophone mouthpieces come in a variety of different sizes and are made of different materials. The size of each mouthpiece refers to the tip opening. Like reeds, different mouthpiece brands have different ways of referring to the size of the tip opening, usually either numerical or alphabetical.

Was Paul Desmond good?

“He was always extremely lyrical, his time was good and he had that tone. He was a pure player,” recalled trumpeter Johnny Coppola, who worked with Desmond in the Bay Area band of Billy Shuart in the late ’40s.

What mouthpiece did Hank Mobley use?

His mouthpiece was a size 6.) Hank Mobley (tenor) Ben Webster (tenor) Lester Young (tenor)

What mouthpiece did Bob Berg use?

Music Accessories In 1987 he creates mouldings of a short series of a solid silver tenor sax mouthpiece. He registers a new patent on saxophone mouthpieces. Bob Berg acquires a solid silver François Louis mouthpiece.