What maps are there for DayZ?

What maps are there for DayZ?

The Ultimate DayZ Map List

  • Celle. Celle is a 150 square kilometer map based on the real city of the same name and it’s surrounding area in Lower Saxony, Germany.
  • Chernarus. The official map for DayZ that spans 225 square kilometres of open-world terrain.
  • Fallujah.
  • Isla Duala.
  • Lingor Island.
  • Panthera Island.
  • Takistan.
  • Utes.

How big is the banov map DayZ?

256 km2
“Banov is the first map inspired by the diverse Slovak landscape, more precisely the location of the Banov District and the surrounding area. Its size is 256 km2 and contains 1 city, 35 villages, 2 water dams, 1 large airport, 1 small airport and many other interesting places.

Where is chernarus based?

Czech Republic
Chernarus is a fictional post-Soviet country, accurately recreated from geographical data of real landscape between the cities of Ústí nad Labem and Děčín (Czech Republic).

Are there cities in DayZ?

The original map of the zombie survival hit DayZ is still popular. The DayZ Chernarus Map offers big cities, small villages, a lot of forest and a few military sites. We’ll tell you where the best loot is. DayZ made the survival genre big and now offers a variety of maps to choose from.

How long does it take to walk the DayZ map?

Map Size: running 1:34:34 minutes from end to end! How Big is the Map in the survival game DayZ? Let’s find out by running across the entire map of Chernarus from the northeast to the southwest. In the previous video I walked across this map, it took like 4 hours.

What are the best Dayz maps to play?

As of now, there are four DayZ maps worth playing outside of the official Chernarus map: Lingor Island, Takistan, Fallujah and Utes. Here’s how you play them.

Are there other Dayz maps to hunt and kill zombies on?

The good news is that there are other DayZ maps for players to hunt and kill zombies and bandits on. If you’re still playing on the original, then you’re missing out. Ask yourself: could you survive on Lingor Island, Takistan, Fallujah or Utes? Take a seat, my camouflaged friend: we’re going on a new adventure. First, a bit of background.

How do I download Dayz Utes?

DayZ Utes, the fourth new map, doesn’t require any downloads at all, you just need to find a server that is running it using whatever DayZ launcher you prefer. PlaywithSix does a similar job. Once it’s downloaded and installed, simply click on the ‘No Mod Selected’ box and it’ll give you a list of all the DayZ mods.

How long does it take to install new maps on Dayz commander?

In DayZCommander the updating and patching interface will tell you when new maps become available, and it’s very easy to install, and then filter the server list by the Map name. Takistan and Fallujah shouldn’t take that long to install – but Lingor (being the oldest of the ‘new’ maps) is over 600 MB’s.