What is Vividh Bharati service?

What is Vividh Bharati service?

The Vividh Bharati Service (VBS; lit. ‘Diverse Voices’) of All India Radio was conceptualized to combat Radio Ceylon in 1967. But the central Govt. has stopped it’s Short Wave relay centers as a result of which it is only available on internet . Vividh Bharati radio channel was launched on 3 October 1967.

How can I listen to Vividh Bharati online?

Listen to Vividh Bharti Live (VBS) | National Service Live broadcast from National online via Radio India Live | www.radioindialive.com. Here you can Listen Music, Talks in hindi. Vividh Bharti Service, Gorai Road, Borivali West, Mumbai – 400091, Opposite Gorai Bus Depot.

How can I listen to Vividh Bharati on mobile?

Now you can listen to live Vividh Bharti देश की सुरीली धड़कन on the Go on your android phone and browse the website. You can currently download the app from Google Play Store by Clicking Here. We are going to upload it to Google Play store soon and will let you know as soon as its done!

When did vividh Bharti started in India?

Vividh Bharati Service of All India Radio is the largest entertainment network of the nation. Since its inception in 1957, Vividh Bharati has been providing popular and melodious entertainment to the listeners.

Who is Rohit Bharati?

TV Host, Radio Presenter, Producer.

What is the frequency of Vividh Bharati radio?

The other existing FM services of AIR are FM Gold (106.4MHz) and FM Rainbow (102.6 MHz). Vividh Bharati on FM will be available in Delhi on 100.1 MHz. This is in addition to its availability on MW 1368 kHz. AIR also has its Local Radio Station Network in Frequency Modulation.

Which is the first radio station in India?

The first radio broadcasts were done by the Radio Clubs of Bombay and Calcutta in 1923. The Madras Presidency Radio Club was started in 1924. In June 1927, the Viceroy of India Lord Irwin inaugurated the Indian Broadcast Company (IBC). However, IBC was liquidated in 1930.

How do I start a FM channel?

To start, visit www.spreaker.com and sign up for a Spreaker account. When you do that, you can also follow the most popular users. Once you’ve signed up, you need to record a short introduction of yourself, and then just click publish to start your station.

What is the full form of AIR?

The full form of AIR is All India Radio. Since 1956 AIR is officially labelled as Akashvani. It is India’s largest public radio station and a Prasar Bharti division.