What is Tzeentch the god of?

What is Tzeentch the god of?

the Chaos God of change
Tzeentch: the Chaos God of change, fate, ambition, planning and schemes, lies, politics, sorcery, mutation, hope, and knowledge.

What color is Tzeentch?

Tzeentch Daemons come in a variety of colors, though tend to use lots of pinks, blues, and flame colors. They tend to be a bright, colorful bunch, and are wonderful if you’re doing transitions from red/pink to blue/purple.

Do the Chaos Gods fear the emperor?

However, it seems the greater bulk of the powers of Chaos do believe the Emperor to be a god, “the Corpse God”. At the very least they fear Him and ascribe to Him the powers of a god.

Who worships Tzeentch?

Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons. The Thousand Sons Traitor Legion of Heretic Astartes serves Tzeentch exclusively. They were once the XVth Legion of Space Marines founded on Terra, created in the late 30th Millennium to reclaim the stars for Humanity after the horrors of the Age of Strife.

Who is Tzeentch’s rival?

Tzeentch and Khorne are rivals in the old lore but in the current lore Khorne mainly fights Slaanesh while Nurgle mainly fights Tzeentch. Ah!

Was Tzeentch the most powerful?

‘ Tzeentch is the most powerful. He just lets the other Gods think Khorne is the most poweful so he can plot and scheme with impunity.

Can Tzeentch see the future?

After an eternity within the Well, these two heads can see things that remain hidden from even Tzeentch’s gaze. Kairos’ right head sees visions of all possible futures, whilst his left witnesses the entirety of the past.

Is there a fifth Chaos God?

There is a fifth major Chaos God named Malice who embodies Chaos’ tendency to turn in upon itself and who acts against the interests of the other Chaos Gods whenever he can, though he is certainly no ally of the Imperium either.

Why are Tzeentch and nurgle rivals?

Tzeentch hate Nurgle because Tzeentch is selfish individualism while Nurgle is inclusive collectivism. Think Cold War Soviets vs Yanks but in Warhammer extremes. On the Slaanesh V Khorne thing, it’s more that Slaanesh sees Khorne as brutish, unrefined, base, destruction for the sake of it with no finesse or pleasure.

Who is the most powerful god in 40K?

So, we all know that tzeentch, khorne, slaanesh and nurgle are the four most powerful chaos gods.

What are tyranids running from?

They came to this galaxy in 40K because they were drifting through the intergalactic abyss and the Pharos beacon illuminated the Milky Way as a prime source of biomass. If they were running from anything it was most likely hunger after consuming the other galaxies they’d encountered since their origin.

How did Tzeentch rise to power?

After journeying to the Chaos Wastes he pledged himself to Tzeentch and over the next century was granted many gifts for his dedication to the Changer of Ways. After meeting the mages Kelmain Blackstaff and Lhoigor Goldenrod he rose to power in the Wastes, gathering an army of hundreds of thousands before marching on Kislev.

Why does Tzeentch want the Empire?

Tzeentch hatches plots and treasons throughout the world to suit his grand schemes, the sly lies of the Great Conspirator sway nobles, wizards, and commoners alike. Of all the nations in the Old World, the powerful Empire seems to attract his interest the most.

What is the true name of Tzeentch?

He did however possess a true name in the Dark Tongue, of which the moniker Tzeentch was a derivative; Tzeen’neth, Lord of Change. Yet whatever his mien and whomever his people, the Changer is ever viewed as the Great Schemer, a fickle, politicking god who should be feared as much as he should not be trusted.

What is an emperor of ice-cream?

An “emperor of ice-cream” is a kind of oxymoron: emperors are supposed to be mighty, powerful figures, meaning that being an emperor of ice-cream sounds like a kind of joke title.