What is TomoTherapy Hi-Art?

What is TomoTherapy Hi-Art?

The TomoTherapy Hi-Art treatment system is one of the tools used by MUSC Hollings Cancer Center to deliver radiation treatments. With the Hi-Art system, the radiation can be shaped to the tumor and can significantly reduce or eliminate a dose to surrounding tissue. Therefore there may be a reduction of side-effects.

What is the difference between TomoTherapy and IMRT?

Head-to-Head Comparison The researchers found, “Both VMAT and tomotherapy are capable of providing highly uniform target doses as compared with fixed field IMRT.” In terms of accuracy, tomotherapy delivered less toxicity to surrounding tissues.

What is the purpose of TomoTherapy?

TomoTherapy® is a new way to deliver radiation treatment in the fight against cancer. The process combines treatment planning, CT image-guided patient positioning and treatment delivery into one integrated system. The equipment used for TomoTherapy® looks much like a computed tomography (CT) system.

What are the side effects of TomoTherapy?

TomoTherapy can cause temporary side effects like nausea, fatigue or skin irritation. You may also have side effects in the area treated. For example, if your cancer is in your head, you may have headaches, hair loss or dry eyes.

Is TomoTherapy a type of IMRT?

TomoTherapy is a type of IMRT. To have the treatment you lie on the radiotherapy couch which is moved through a donut-shaped machine. The radiation source in the machine rotates around you in a spiral pattern. It is also sometimes called helical tomotherapy.

What type of radiation is TomoTherapy?

Tomotherapy is a type of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).

What is the difference between radiotherapy and TomoTherapy?

In general, radiation therapy (or radiotherapy) has developed with a strong reliance on homogeneity of dose throughout the tumor. Tomotherapy embodies the sequential delivery of radiation to different parts of the tumor which raises two important issues.

Is CyberKnife better than radiation?

Cyberknife Is More Accurate Than Traditional Radiation Therapy. Because it’s able to target diseased tissue, Cyberknife SBRT is much more accurate than traditional radiation therapy. SBRT can deliver radiation to a margin of one to five millimeters surrounding a tumor.

What is tomotherapy HD treatment system?

TomoTherapy HD Treatment System Configuration The TomoHD™treatment system is a completely integrated radiation therapy platform offering treatment planning, CT image guidance and delivery of intensity modulated radiation therapy. The following major components are included:

How does tomotherapy® work?

The equipment used for TomoTherapy® looks much like a computed tomography (CT) system. During treatment, the patient lies on a couch that moves continuously through a rotating ring. Radiation is delivered from all angles as the ring turns and the couch moves through the gantry.

What is the best tomotherapy device in use?

At this time, the Hi-Art system manufactured by TomoTherapy Inc. is the primary tomotherapy device in use although there are still a number of Corvus systems being used. TomoTherapy TomoHD systems are also in use.

What is Hi tomotherapy art?

Tomotherapy Hi Art. Tomotherapy or helical tomotherapy (HT) is a type of radiation therapy in which the radiation is delivered slice-by-slice (hence the use of the Greek prefix tomo-, which means “slice”). HT is a form of computed tomography (CT) guided intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).