What is toddla TS real name?

What is toddla TS real name?

Thomas Mackenzie Bell
Thomas Mackenzie Bell (born 22 February 1985), better known by the stage name of Toddla T, is an English DJ, record producer, remixer and songwriter from Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

What age is Toddla T?

37 years (February 22, 1985)Toddla T / Age

Who is Toddla T married to?

Annie MacToddla T / Spouse (m. 2018)Annie Mac, is an Irish DJ, broadcaster and writer. She hosted a variety of shows on BBC Radio 1, including BBC Switch and Future Sounds. She also DJed in various locations, including hosting her AMP Lost and Found venues in places like Ibiza. Wikipedia

Who is Annie Mac married to?

Toddla TAnnie Mac / Spouse (m. 2018)

Who is Annie’s partner?

Is Annie Mac still with Toddla T?

Annie Mac announces she’s leaving Radio 1 The decision, she revealed, was both a personal and a professional one, as the DJ wanted to be able to spend more time with her husband and fellow DJ Toddla T, real name Tom Bell, and their two children.

Is Annie Mac vegan?

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How old is Chris Stark?

35 years (March 12, 1987)Chris Stark / Age

Is Annie’s Mac and Cheese healthy?

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How tall is Scott Mills?

5′ 10″Scott Mills / Height

How old is Jorden North?

32 years (February 14, 1990)Jordan North / Age