What is the story of sadma?

What is the story of sadma?

One night, a woman is in a car accident, which leaves her with amnesia. She runs away from the hospital but ends up in a brothel, where she meets a friendly school teacher.Sadma / Film synopsis

Is sadma real story?

The film tells the story of Nehalata Malhotra, a young woman who regresses to childhood as result of retrograde amnesia after suffering a head injury in a car crash. She was lost, and ended up trapped in a brothel before being rescued by Somu, a lonely school teacher who falls in love with her….

Language Hindi

What happens at the end of sadma?

The movie ends with Somu trying to catch her attention while she’s on a train bound for Bombay with her parents. He screams her name, except she doesn’t know she was ever called Reshmi.

What does sadma mean?

/sadamā/ mn. jolt transitive verb, countable noun. If you are jolted by something, it gives you an unpleasant surprise or shock. A jolt is a surprise or shock like this.

Who is Kamal Haasan wife?

Sarikam. 1988–2004Vani Ganapathym. 1978–1988
Kamal Haasan/Wife

Which day is sadma in English?

The Urdu Word صدمہ Meaning in English is Concussion. The other similar words are Chout, Sadma, Takkar, Dhaka and Sar Ki Chout. The synonyms of Concussion include are Blast, Blow, Buffeting, Bump, Clash, Clout, Crack, Crash, Hit, Impact, Injury, Jar, Jarring, Jolt, Jolting, Jounce, Pounding, Shock, Trauma and Punch.

What does sadma mean in Urdu?

सदमाصدمہ a shock, a blow, calamity, injury.

Who is the director of Moondram Pirai?

Balu MahendraMoondram Pirai / Director

What is the meaning of Sadma?

/sadamā/ mn. jolt transitive verb, countable noun. If you are jolted by something, it gives you an unpleasant surprise or shock.

How do you write Sadma in Urdu?

There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Sadma in English is Injury, and in Urdu we write it صدمہ. The other meanings are Zayadti, Bud Sulooki, Zakhm and Sadma. By form, the word Injury is an noun, plural injuries. It is spelled as [in-juh-ree].

What is the synonym of trauma?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for traumatic. alarming, disturbing, perturbing, unsettling.

What is special about Moondram Pirai?

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How is Chandra Darshan calculated?

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What does Moondram Pirai mean?

The third crescent
Moondram Pirai ( transl. The third crescent) is a 1982 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film written, directed and filmed by Balu Mahendra.